Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This, That and a Cat

It was a scary weekend with Halloween and the hateful political ads running overtime.  Ugh. More on the ads later.  I've always liked the fun parts of Halloween.  The dressing up.  The pumpkin carving. The candy...oh especially the candy...I like that a little too much!  The bloody Zombies and other ghoulish stuff, not so much.  Anyway, I hope you had a Happy Halloween.  Here's my happy cat pumpkin. 

Now, about those ads.  Ugh.   I won't go into my political beliefs here....well actually...yes, I will.  I am pretty much in the middle.  I don't have much time for zealots in either party.   The attack ads are SO offensive to me.  They twist the facts, they spew hate.

We live in what should be a wonderful country, but all of the nastiness in politics is bringing it down.  Both parties do it.  Both are sickening.  All of the money spent on ads is so insane.  Have ads that tell us what they've done or what they're trying to do.  Stop spewing hate about the other guy. Limit the ads to a week or two before elections...not months before.

Was it all of the hate spewing ads over the years that have caused so much hate between the parties?  Seems like that's what all of the focus has been on.  It's easy to find bad if that's all we look for.  Funny thing is, it's just as easy to find good if that is what we are looking for.  Respect of one another can go a long ways.  Ok. Rant over.  Back to the photos.  It's harvest time on the farm.  A few weeks ago it was the beans, last week it was corn.

The weather has been good for harvesting.  I'm not sure how much there is left to do, but farming progress was being made last spite of all the scariness.  :-)

We got all of our raking done on Sunday.  Even our old dog got in on the raking and plopped herself down in a pile of leaves.  Her hips are shot, she's deaf, she's congested...but she sure likes to be where ever the action is.  We have some tough decisions to make fairly soon I'm afraid.

On a lighter note, here's a shot of my scary Halloween bouquet.  Ooohhh....spiders!

And a black cat.  She wasn't happy about having to stay inside on Halloween.  Letting her out on the prowl wouldn't have been a good idea though.

This old cat doesn't have any trouble at all staying inside on a nice sunny warm bed.  She's not very interested in politics either.  I'm pretty sure that she'll vote for anyone that will keep catnip as a legal substance.

Halloween and the elections are over.  Time to move from scary to Thankful....except for the ads that are pushing Christmas already.  That's a whole different rant that I think I'll spare you from.  Thanksgiving is coming....I hope we can all enjoy the season that we're in.  Thanks for stopping by!

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