Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our Sweet Penny

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that we were going to have to make a tough decision regarding our old dog.  Well, that day came a week ago.  My good friend told me that we would know when it was time, that Penny would tell us.  She pretty much did.  She wasn't eating much.  She was falling a lot. She was confused when she went outside. She was suffering. When you adopt a pet into your family you owe it to them to love them enough to let them go.

We loved her enough to make that call and to let her say goodbye with dignity.  Sweet Penny, lover of swimming, pickup rides, jumping in the stock tank, running in the woods, rolling in gross stuff and playing with dog friends.  You were loved, you are missed.  Thanks for being the sweetest dog a family could ever hope for.

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