Monday, November 17, 2014

A Cat in a Bowl

I have a really cool decorative bowl on my dining room table.  Our cat, Greta, has decided that it is the very best place in the house for her to sleep.  I put her in it once when she was a lot smaller, she curled up and took a nap.  She doesn't fit in it quite as well anymore, but that doesn't stop her.  She rests in it, watching for any activity out the window.

She bathes in it, makes sense to me.  I had the nerve to have touched her tail...immediate cleaning was required!

She doesn't like to look at the camera, this was as close as she got.

Ignore the human.  Sit in the bowl and ignore the human.

She's a funny cat.  I'm glad that she puts up with us!  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!

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