Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer is Slipping Away

It's the end of August in one of the shortest summers that I can remember.  Cold snowy spring following by a cold and rainy June, followed by the dry July...and now an unremarkable August is coming to an end. I think that there have been only three or four days where it has hit 90 degrees.  Not much time to recharge before the long cold winter hits again.  I'm hoping for a beautiful Autumn.  

Summer flowers in Autumn colors.  I've taken a few photos of this plant, it's the prettiest thing in my garden right now.

We brought Billy to college on Saturday, another sign that summer is coming to an end.  I had to get a family photo before he went, their ages are 19,14 and 21.  How did my babies grow up so fast?  How can my dog be SO old?  Billy loves college, that helps so much, but it is still hard to say goodbye.

We brought a mini van full of stuff to Iowa State so Billy could set up his dorm room.  After saying our goodbyes we drove part of the way back home and stayed in Albert Lea so we could golf in the morning.  Sunday morning was one of the hot, really humid days of the summer.  We golfed at the Green Lea golf course.  I was feeling sort of blue for the first nine and didn't golf very well...but somehow on the 2nd nine things turned around and I think I had the lowest score that I've ever had.  I shot a 45 on a par 37.  Unheard of for me.  My favorite part was that I beat Eric!  He thinks I should be happiest about the low score...which I am happy about...but I don't think I have ever beat Eric in a sport.  Ever.  So I can't help it...WOOHOO! :-)

We drove home after golf on the hottest, most humid day with intermittent air conditioning in the van.  It would come and go...we sure appreciated it when it was working!  It was a thunderstorm sort of day...and in the evening the thunderheads popped up.  I saw this one outside of my office window.  I see the face of a man looking up into the open sky.  Do you?

To give you an idea of how large the cloud was, here's a zoomed in shot of a jet flying by in front of the cloud.  If you can see the face in the cloud above, the plane is passing through what looks like the eyebrow of the face.  If you can't see it, just know that the cloud was really big and beautiful!

There was a lot of lightening in the cloud, I was able to catch just a little glimmer of it in the photo below.

The Russian sage is flowing over my front sidewalk.  Such a pretty color.  I should cut it back, but I like how light and airy it is.  Enjoying it while it lasts.

 Late summer storms, fading plants, kids heading off to school.  Seasons come and go. Life is all about the journey.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of mine.

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