Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday's Update...on Friday

Good intentions, poor follow through!  Maybe Friday is a better day for my bi-weekly blogging.  Anyway, here it goes. Tuesday got busy and I didn't take out my camera...but I did have my phone with at the golf course for my ladies league.  This was taken on the way to the first hole, looking at the 10th hole.  Golf and flowers on a warm late summer night, no complaints from me!

Well, except for the short burst of rain showers. And for the way that I played.  Chipping and putting were not my friends that night.  But long, straight drives and pretty clouds made up for that.  There's always something good there!

It's been humid around here lately.  Even the cat is lazy.  Well, she is lazy in perfect weather too, so I guess that doesn't count.

My petunias are getting long, and leggy.  Not in a good way.  Window box and hanging planter fail again.  I probably should have fertilized a little more regularly!  The flowers that are there are pretty though.

Billy was challenged to do the ALS ice bucket challenge.  He put a big bag of ice in there!  Brrr.  Interesting way of raising awareness and money!

I think that Brian is pretty happy that all he had to do was film the event.  I know that I'm happy that Billy didn't nominate either of us!

I think I'll send in some money to show my appreciation for not being nominated.  It's a good cause.  I hope you're staying dry!  Thanks for stopping in.

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