Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Photos of the Day

A quick post to catch up with a few photos of the day.  Mostly because I should be cleaning my house and this seems like a good way to avoid that!  Just being honest.

Brian on his return from a walk with our dog.  And yes, this one was in the last post, but it was also my photo of the day so you get to see it twice!

Rainy day horses from Sunday.  I'm glad that their winter coats are coming in.

They were predicting below freezing I wanted to get one last photo of something blooming outside.  Pretty red geranium.

Greta is growing up and practicing her attacking skills.  On hands, on couches, on the dog.  Hopefully these terrible cat teens will pass quickly!  She got to have a bath today...that calmed her down!

The Juncos have returned to the feeder.  It's fun to see them, but it also means that colder days are coming.  Better stock up on the bird seed!

And that's the last of the photos of the day for this time.  Shoot....that didn't take long.  I guess I'm going to have to do some cleaning after all!  'Til next time!

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