Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Rainy Fall Weekend

The weather here is inching towards winter.  It was cool and rainy all weekend.  We had our first frost last night.  No more annuals to water!  This post isn't my usual photo of the day catch up post, it's a post with photos from the weekend, mostly from Sunday....but the first two are of my son Brian on Saturday.  Lots of pictures...but not much talk.  Are you ready?

Brian is so sweet to our old dog.  I snapped this one as he headed out to take the dog for a walk.  She doesn't move very fast anymore, but she sure loves getting out!

I took this one when they returned, I think Brian liked getting out for a walk too.

I think I could have titled this post "Windows". On Saturday, with Brian's help, Eric and I spent some time getting our house ready for winter.  One of the things that we did was removed the screens from the windows.  Yay for so much more light coming into the house!  On Sunday we went and visited our parents....and helped them with their windows.  We put the storm windows on at my moms, and helped haul the storm windows upstairs at Eric's parents house.  And this picture was taken through the car window.  See, Windows!  Sorry, I'm just being silly.  The view from the rainy car window was pretty nice though!

The views around my mom's house are pretty spectacular.  Even in the rain.  Or especially in the rain.  There is something about rain in the fall that brings out the rich colors.  I love it.

There are a lot of photos to follow...so I'll try not to talk so much.  My horses were wet and wanted a treat.

I love it when they come to see me at the gate...even if it is just for food.  I can pretend that they want to see me as much as I want to see them!  Hi Handsome.

I did some work around the horse pasture, then took a wonderful walk in the rain.  Not a good day to pick apples.

Pretty maple leaves.

Abundant crab apples this year!

I went out into the woods and look who I found!  They had wandered over to get out of the rain.  Who goes in a shed when you have trees for cover?

When I was a young girl I had a dream to have a house in the woods out in the country.  Actually, I still do.

There is a special kind of peace that can be found there.  The cool relief in the heat of summer. The earthy scents on a rainy fall day.   The snowy silence in the middle of winter.  The rebirth with flowers and green when spring arrives.  It all feels like home to me.

The horses like it there...

...and are dwarfed by the trees.

Who you calling a dwarf lady?

The woods, right out the window.  A window to my world...

See...this post could have been titled "Windows"!  I hope you're enjoying the things that are right outside your window today.  Thanks for stopping by!

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