Thursday, October 10, 2013


I've always loved October.  All the color, the changing leaves, the wonderful fall harvests of apples and pumpkins, the scents, the new season. The winding down of summer. Every warm day feels like a gift.  My dad's birthday was in October, it has always seemed like his special month too.  

We've had a stretch of wonderfully warm days. I took advantage of one of those days last week.  After my dentist appointment I treated myself to an hour or so at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  Such a beautiful place.  I wandered around appreciating the last blooms of the year while trying not to drool down my numb chin.  I did my best to smile at the people I ran into, but I didn't get very many smiles in return. I wanted to say..."I'm not crabby, my face is just frozen!"  It made me realize how far a smile can go in how people treat you!  Smile when you can. :-)

I have to say, I am loving having such a sweet kitten in the house!  She's growing so fast...and is even harder to photograph than when we got her, but I'm going to keep trying. It's a good challenge for me.  I really want to get a good picture of her in her puffed out Halloween cat pose!  Fleeting but so cute when she does it.  We'll see.

Molly is slowly adjusting.  She prefers to spend her time outside and away from the antics of the kitten.  They touch noses a few times a day, usually followed by a growl and Molly flouncing away with Greta chasing her.  I'm still hoping that they will learn to live together.

I'm missing having sporting events to take pictures of.  Flowers and cats, that's about all I've got lately.

But the last blooms of the year are pretty special.  It won't be long and all we'll see around here will be white and gray / brown.  I'm trying to grab the greens, purples, oranges and golds while I can!

We were at my mom's on Sunday.  Her cedar tree is full of berry's this year...and was full of Cedar Waxwings filling up on the berry's while they had a chance.  There were probably 30 or so in the tree on that misty / rainy day.

I stopped over at the park to get a team photo for Eric's softball team.  I noticed this man fly fishing in the lake at the park and couldn't resist the light and the reflections.  What a pretty evening.

I guess I should have said that my photos were flowers, cats and birds.  The chickadee's have been really busy at the bird feeder.  The flit in, grab a seed, and flit into the tree to break it open.  Fun to watch.

And last but not least, it's Greta.  In between naps and attacking something.  She seems to have 2 speeds...snuggly / sleepy or full out attack.  I gave her a bath yesterday, mostly to see how she would react.  She didn't seem to mind it at all.  How weird is that.  A little water cat.  She'll probably not co-operate quite so much when she's old enough to know better.  But this was a pleasant surprise!

I hope that you are enjoying October in your neck of the woods.  It's starting to really get pretty around here!  Thanks for stopping by.

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