Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daily Pictures

First a birthday wish...and then catching up with pictures again.

Happy Birthday to my niece Stephanie! Here's a link to the post I did for her last year. Not much has changed in her life this year....other than becoming a mom for the first time! :-)

Now the pictures....I figured with the holiday weekend before us I had better catch up, because I'm guessing that I'll be taking a few pictures this weekend. Baseball and flowers....because that's where I've been at the last few weeks.

Wild Forget-me-nots deep in the woods...what a fun surprise.

Baseball action...Billy pitching.

Sweet cheeks baby Avery. We got to see my cute grand-niece on a quick Sunday afternoon trip to the country.

Daisies in my front yard.

Between innings looks serious.

Billy pitching again. He had a pretty good time pitching again after a few years away from it.

Molly the Jungle Cat in the front yard.

Bee balm in my new perennial garden in the back yard.

Billy hitting in the play-offs.

Billy hitting with his game face should see the look he gives when a pitcher almost hits him....scary. :-)

Day lilies and daisies...a couple of my my perennial garden in the back yard.

On the bench waiting to bat in the play-offs.

The last at bat that I got to see for the season...a triple. I left for my softball game and Billy hit another triple. Nice way to end the season.
Verbena in a pot in my backyard.

Bee balm by my bird bath....the perennial garden is coming along....

....except for the parts that the rabbits have eaten....but I'll think about that another day. Have a safe and Happy 4th!

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