Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Springy...how else can you describe an early March day in Minnesota where the temperatures are in the upper 50's?  59 degrees in Minneapolis!  We still have some snow on the ground, but another day or two like this and that will be long gone.  Come on spring!

Last week I mentioned that Billy had been going to his friend Maverick's swim meets.  On Saturday he went to the State Meet finals.  His friend won one individual race, took 2nd in another race and his team placed first in two relays.  Our school won the meet by over 100 points.  Crazy.  Here is one of the signs that Billy brought.

Here are all the signs.  They must be why the team did so well. Really.  Or not.  Billy had fun with it anyway!

While Billy was at the swim meet Eric and I went shopping and then out to dinner.  An actual date.

Our shopping trip was to Toys R' Us.  We haven't been there in quite a few years....but see, this little sweetie Avery was having a birthday party and we had to find something fun.  We weren't the ones that got her the scooter...we got her a little golf set.  Hopefully she'll like it as much as the scooter!

She is as cute and as precious as her mom was at that age.

I was a little busy with work stuff on Monday, didn't have time to pick up the house before the cable guy came to fix our cable woes.  I'm sure that he's seen worse, but I hate it when people are working in the house and it looks like a bunch of animals live here.

I'm grateful that it's fixed though.  We pay so much for the service that the TV's and Internet and phone had better be working.  We sure took it for granted when TV reception was free.  Progress?

Back to the spring like warm day here today.  The cat found her favorite spot in the sun on Billy's unmade bed to take a nap in the sun.  He says he doesn't like to make his bed because the cat likes to make a nest in the bunched up covers.  True...but it's just one of the reasons it does look like a bunch of animals live here.

It's warm out and the sun is shining...sounds like a pretty good reason not to sweat the small stuff.

And cable guy...you're right...a bunch of animals do live here!  I'm just the zoo keeper.  Hope you are enjoying a warm day where you are!  Thanks for stopping by.

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