Friday, March 2, 2012

A Busy Day

I didn't expect to have a busy day, but somehow it ended up being pretty darned busy.  A couple of jobs came in that I wasn't planning on and I had to get some signs made for Billy before the big swim meet!  Billy's friend Maverick is on the High School swimming team, swimming well, breaking pool records, having fun, and Billy is one of his most loyal fans.  I've been helping Billy make signs though out the season, and since this is the weekend of the State Tournament we had to get some new ones made!  Well, my jobs took longer than I thought, and of course when I was printing the signs my printer ran out of magenta ink.  Argh.  The things that were supposed to be red were yellow, and the black letters were green.   Oh no!

I made a few adjustments to the files to make the black darker and found a red marker to color in the parts that were supposed to be red...and we were ready to go.  The picture is of one of the older signs, not the hand colored one.  Billy picked up his friend Kristie, and off we went to the U of M to watch the swimmers swim, to cheer them on and to hold up signs.  The boys swam well, there will be a lot of them in the finals tomorrow, including Billy's friend Mav.

 I don't think that they could have done it without the signs...or their number one fan.  Well, I guess it might be because of all the hours of practice that they put in and their talent, but I'm not going to tell Billy that.  I'm saying it's because of the signs!  Go Eagles!

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