Thursday, February 16, 2012

This and That

"I see the moon and the moon sees me and the moon sees the ones that I long to see."  Did you sing that little song when you were a kid?  The full moon always reminds me of that song and I'll say a little prayer asking that the people I'm missing will know that I care.

There won't be much substance to this post, mostly just pictures of tulips.

But how can you go wrong with tulips?

They remind me of spring, they keep growing after they are cut, they brighten the room.

They don't cost much and they last quite a few days.  How can you go wrong with tulips?

We had a fun weekend last week.  Brian took the train home from college on Friday night.  On Saturday morning Billy took the ACT test.  Late Saturday afternoon we got ourselves fixed up and ready to go for a special dinner.  Brian was running a little late, so Billy stepped in to help him with his tie.  Brian can tie his own tie, but Billy is faster so he went along with it.  I love the picture of the little brother helping the older brother.  I also love how they get along when Brian comes home.

Here's the final result.  I think that the boys clean up pretty well!  We went to Fogo De Chao.  It's a Brazillion steak house...known for it's amazing grilled meat.  All the meat you can eat is a good thing for growing boys.  Not so good for a mom that does not want to grow any more, but it's just one day so what the heck.  We had a lot of fun with our friend Bob...who was celebrating his birthday.  Just when you think that you couldn't eat another bite, they bring out the chocolaty  birthday dessert with extra spoons...and you realize that sure enough, you can eat another bite!  Yum!

 Back to the tulips...they are starting to fade but I still like them!

Other than the all the meat you can devour day, I have been trying to eat in a healthier way.  Strawberries were one of my snacks on Monday.  Not quite as tasty as meat, but I'm doing what I can.

I took myself to the zoo for Valentine's day, mostly to look at and smell the flowers in the conservatory, but I hiked around outside to see the animals too.  I know that they are well taken care of, but none of them looked very was sort of depressing.  I wanted to give this little kitty a nice big hug and scratch his belly...or not.

Billy's basketball season is almost over.  The regular season is done, they have one practice and then play-offs start.  His game last night was really fun to watch, well played, fast moving, and clean.  Finally.  The two games before were hard to watch.  One team that they played was all flying elbows and cheap shots...encouraged by their coach.  A bloody nose and a bloody lip for Billy's team mates said it all.

 The other game was filled with fouls...all against Billy's team.  He was called for fouls when he wasn't even touching the kid.  The most lop-sided reffing that I have ever seen.  The coach for the other team being up and screaming the whole time didn't help.  In-house basketball, it's supposed to be fun.  That dude is not fun.  So a nice clean game where both teams played hard and fair was a wonderful way to end the regular season.  It was too bad that either team had to lose.  It would have been worse if our team had lost.  :-)

Well, that's all I have.  I hope that your days are filled with flowers and good sports.  Thanks for stopping by!

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