Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Pictures

A photo a day for a whole doesn't sound all that hard....until you attempt it. I'm proud that I've completed the task 2 years in a row. I was going to pick my favorite from each month for this post, I couldn't do it. I started out with 2 a month...but some are 3. I guess I don't like picking favorites. I picked some because I thought the photo was nice, others were because of the subject matter. More pictures, less they are.


The First of the series of Hallmark Rocking Horse Ornaments in front of my tree.

Brian coming home from school.

Willow Tree Angel

Skylar and Czar spotted something interesting.


Daffodil from my "Watch Em Grow" pot.

Billy playing video games.


Scilla in my mom's backyard.

Hepaticas in the of my favorite flowers.


I didn't take this one, but I love it...Eric and I with Brian before prom.

Billy, my mom, and Brian after Billy's confirmation.

This was the year for the daisies, they were abundant!

Billy on the baseball field.

Billy at bat. One of my favorite things to take photos!

Day lilies...this feels so peaceful to me. I like taking pictures of flowers too.

My niece Stephanie with baby Avery on Avery's baptism day.

Brian after church.

Billy and the boys friend David on the St. Croix the tones in this one.

Brian playing goalie with flies all around.

Billy at a football scrimmage...he made the catch. :-)

Breezy...a new boarder at the farm.

Waiting for their game to start. A brand new fall team, no one knew each other at first
....but there's something about playing baseball that brings kids together. Billy is # 10.

A quick snapshot of the sunset. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


Billy on the football field. He was busy in the fall playing both football and baseball.

Brian with his new "airsoft" rifle in the morning light. Happy boy. Happy mom with a new camera.

Billy carving pumpkins. I regret not getting the pumpkin in the shot...but like the picture anyway. He's still just a kid.

A Heron on the beach at Anna Maria Island in Florida....girls weekend. Good memories.

Brian in the snow at the farm. So handsome.

Brian, Grandma Barb, and Billy on Thanksgiving day, Brian's 18th birthday!

Billy and Brian, our Christmas card photo.

Brian dressed as Horatio Nelson. I keep thinking how few High School events are left for him now being in his senior year. Sniff**

My niece Stephanie, husband Jim and sweet Avery at the Como Park Conservatory. Honored and really nervous about taking their Christmas card picture. This one was my favorite.
So there you have it, my favorites from 2010. I'll leave you with this...even though I'm the one taking photo after photo, it's really Eric that is the natural photographer in the family. Think of how good he'd be if I ever let him use the camera! A rare photo of me, taken by Eric on Christmas Eve...he's always showing me up darn it!

The end of one year, the start of another. I hope your year is filled with good health, family, fun and photographs!
I'll end with a quote from Oprah:
Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.

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