Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winding Down

The days in between Christmas and New Years seem to have a pace all of their own. The pressure of getting everything done is gone, the boxes and wrappings and gifts are put away, the boys are off of school and Eric has taken a few days off from work. The New Year is just around the corner and things will pick up again...but until then, I'm enjoying the slower pace.

Our decorations are still up, putting them away will be one of the first tasks of the New Year. This is my snow village, the picture was taken in the early evening. I like the light.

Unrelated gratitude...the Vikings game was postponed until Tuesday night because of snow. It's been a strange and dismal season for the Vikings...but Tuesday night they showed some life....and they won! A glimmer of hope for next year.

Back to Christmas stuff. This is an ornament hanging on my dining room chandelier...with the Christmas tree behind it. It was the first year that we put the tree in the dining room....I liked it there!

With Eric having a few days off I've been treated to Super America coffee and a muffin in the morning. The healthy stuff can wait until January 1st.

This little snowman was a gift that I received quite a few years ago...a friend brought it home for me from Sweden. Thanks Sherry...I haven't forgotten! Every tree needs a cowboy snowman don't you think?

The nicest part of this slow paced week has been spending more time with the boys. Mostly with Billy though, since Brian has his days and nights mixed up. Billy is at that age where some kids feel pretty awkward, teetering between boy and man...but he's just rolling with it. He can be a goofball one minute, then a kind and caring teenager the next. He makes me laugh and makes me proud....what more can a mom ask for? Well, picking up after himself would help....

....but all in all, he's a pretty good kid to have around....

....I think I'll keep him around for a while.
I hope that your day is slow paced and wonderful....winding down until it all starts up again!

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