Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas

There is nothing quite like fresh fallen snow. It started snowing Friday afternoon...and it snowed and it snowed and it snowed. I had taken a quick trip to Target to buy some more lights, and put them up while it was snowing. The lights in the bush behind the deer are some of the new ones.

It was a brand new strand, all rolled up on a reel. I plugged them in, it looked like they all were working....so I put them on the bush. I plugged them in again and the last 1/3 of the strand wasn't working. Errr. I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to take them down. Short, squatty looking bush, but they are still pretty. And the snow was beautiful!

It snowed through the night. I woke to the peaceful quiet that new snow brings. The world looks and sounds a little different after it snows. It was a good day to get some cleaning and decorating done.

I had the extra motivation of family coming over to celebrate Eric and Dawn's birthdays. Celebrated early because Eric was heading out of town.

Sunday morning Eric was busy packing, checking his list, and packing some more. He was preparing for a two week business trip to France. I'm glad that the boys are here to keep my company, and especially glad that Eric doesn't travel as much as he used to.

I took a few pictures after I returned from the airport. Reindeer candle holder in front of the Christmas tree. I am really loving having the decorating done and looking at the sparkling lights.

I was taking some pictures of my Christmas village on Monday when Billy walked in the door. I liked the quick snapshot that I took of him better than anything in the Christmas village...so here he is, my photo of the day. Hi Billy!

Eric called from France on Monday morning. He had made it safe and sound, took a 3 hour taxi ride to get to the work place, worked all day and was calling before supper time. It was a long day for him. He was using a co-workers company cell phone that works over seas....the connection was crystal clear...it sounded like he was right next door. It makes it seem like he's not quite so far from home.

It's getting cold around these parts. I should have gone to the grocery store, but didn't want to go out since I really didn't need to. Trouble is it's supposed to be colder tomorrow and I'll have to go then. I love the snow, the cold, not so much. The Christmas lights make it feel a little warmer somehow. This picture is of the garland on my staircase. I like glitter.

I video talked with Eric over Skype today. It was fun to see his smiling face and to hear that all is well there. I don't like watching myself talk, but other than that, what a cool way to stay connected.

Technology is changing our world every day....and some of it is even good!

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