Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sometimes it Rains

In April it rained and snowed and snowed some more.  The rain continued into May...and now into June.  It's been a very rainy weekend...the rest of Billy's baseball tournament was postponed a day, and now delayed two hours.  Seems like a good time to make a little headway in catching up with my photos of the day.  Lots of might want to grab some coffee!

This little bird feeder / bird bath was filled with rainwater....the picture was taken on May 8th.  The only difference between then and now is that it's hot and humid in between the rainstorms now!

Billy was asked to be the assistant coach for a team of 10 year olds.  It's been a great experience for him and the kids.  And the adult coaches are great with him.  So fun to see the little guys looking up to my little guy!  This was taken after a cold, windy game that the kids lost.  We learn more in losing don't we?

In May we picked up this handsome guy from college...packed up all of his stuff and moved him home.  He got an Associates of Arts Degree and now has some decisions to make about what he'll be focusing on next.  Lots to think about when you're 20 years old and your whole future is in front of you!

We got back from moving Brian home in time to get Billy ready for the Senior Prom and picture taking.  It was cold and windy...I had on a sweater and jacket...but the girls were game for photo after photo.  Billy's date was the girl on the sweet as she is pretty.  He had a fun night.  Blisters on your feet from dancing too much are a good sign of that!

Mother's Day was a cold but sunny day at the Twins game.  Billy was coaching that day, so Brian and our friend Bob joined us for the day.  Bob's first trip to Target Field.  I think he liked it!

There is a tradition in our High School of having an all night party after graduation.  One of the things that they do is have the kids make a life size cardboard cutout of themselves to decorate the hallways.  For Brian we got the cardboard, took a picture of his face, and his boots and then dressed it up in shorts and a T-shirt.  It was a pain in the neck!  This year we had the option of taking a full sized photo to a local drugstore's photo center and having them print it and cut it out...yes!  This is the photo Billy used.  We had to pay extra for them to make it 6'5".  It was worth turned out great!

Look at the skies!  Middle of May and my crab apple tree was just starting to blossom.  Did I mention that it's been a cold and wet year??

Did I mention that in addition to everything else Billy has been playing soccer this Spring?  My washer and dryer have been getting a workout.

What a difference a day makes...the crab apple blossoms burst open over night.

They are even pretty in the rain.  Did I mention that we've been getting a lot of rain??  :-)

Our old dog doesn't mind the rain...or the cold water in the river.  She went from lethargic to all peppy in an instant when she realized where we were!  Splash!

In my last post I mentioned that we had just hosted a graduation party for Billy.  It took a lot of prep time.  One of the things I did was plant flowers.  We had such an odd spring with the late snows I wasn't sure if I was early or late in getting my flowers.  I still don't know.  Anyway, I made several trips to a few different places to find what I wanted...and because my car wouldn't hold everything at once.  And even with making several trips I got the "oh, you're going to be busy" comments.  If they only knew.  But they didn't and I think that was probably best!  I planted reds and whites this year to match the school colors.  This picture of the Gerbera daisies was taken before I got them planted.  It was a challenge with the rain!

But look...more blue sky as the pink blossoms faded to white.

I know that the picture quality of this isn't was taken through the window and the screen...but how exciting to have an indigo bunting in my backyard!

The lilacs finally bloomed in late May.  They are so pretty and I love how they smell!  Did you know that if you hit the cut stem with a hammer to crush it a bit they take up more water and last longer?  Try it next time!

Look...shorts...a warm day!  Billy coaching first giving the "fist bump" for a job well done.

I took a little time one day and went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  So many beautiful tulips!  I plan on spending more time there now that things have slowed down a bit around here.

This little planter was left in our garden when we moved here...there are two of them and I think they are so cute!  Some of my red flowers.  This little spot now has fresh mulch and looks a lot better.  Part of the party prep...yard work!

Eric was away on a business trip over Memorial weekend, but the boys and I spent some time at the cabin and on the farm without him!  It was good to see my horses...and they were happy to see some green grass after the long winter!

Horses don't miss much...I'm not sure what he spotted off in the distance but he was keeping an eye on it!

My mom has a red trillium in her back yard....isn't it pretty?

My mom has a big variety of lilacs...I took a lot of pictures of them.  I took home a big bouquet from the bush at my grandma's old farm.  And then I took a picture of one in front of a picture of one on my computer screen.  I know, I think I need a vacation!

The bleeding hearts were blooming in my garden...and still are almost month later.  I guess they like cold and wet weather.

And with that, we are caught up through May.  A cosmos....after the rain.  Of course.

Hoping for sunnier days ahead.  Thanks for stopping by!

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