Monday, June 24, 2013


It's June and these are photos from June...of the same year and everything!  Imagine that. :-)

This is one of the red flowers that I planted in the garden in the front of the house to get ready for the graduation party.  I think it's a type of Dahlia...but I don't know for sure.  It is a pretty deep red whatever it is!

The cat tried to stay out of the way during party preparations.  I can't blame her.  She found one of the few moments where the sun was out to sit on the back step.

Penny tried to stay out of the way too.  Not really.  As Penny has gotten older she has gotten very clingy to me...which ever room I am in, she is in.  She pants a lot, she has gas, and she's a shedding machine.  She is a very sweet dog and I try my best to be patient with her always being so close...but it's not always easy!

Brian on the other hand isn't under foot!  It's nice having him home again.  I took this picture one day when he came home from work...I think he looks good in black don't you?

Billy's last day of high the rain of course.  It's been a little hard to accept that my boys are truly grown men now!

When I feel blue about it I just focus on the flowers.  Pretty cosmos...not fitting in with my red and white color scheme but that's ok.  Pink is a form of red don't you think?

Graduation night.  Hi Billy!  There were somewhere around 750 kids in Billy's class.  He was the 10th from the last to get his went surprisingly fast!  My mom, Eric's folks, Brian, our friend Bob and Eric & I were there celebrating with him.  My mom pointed out that those last 10 plus the 5 kids in front of them would have made up my dad's whole class of 15.  That sure puts things in perspective of how different the boys lives have been from my dad's life!  I missed my dad more than usual that day!

We spent the night of graduation at the High School from 12 midnight until 5 a.m. working as security for the all night party.  What a long night.  I was worn out for two days after...I think I'm too old for this all night stuff!  The kids were safe and had fun though...and that was the point.  I stopped to smell the petunias that I planted in my hanging pots when I got home!  Well not really...petunias smell funny...but I did stop and take a picture or two.  I like the fuzz on the underside of the flowers!

Cosmos!  I should have been working on party stuff but I was taking pictures of cosmos instead.

Cosmos and poppies!  I know...they are orange and not red...but they are perennials in the back yard so that doesn't count!

The cool temps and cloudy days have been kind to the bleeding hearts.

I'll end with a rain dotted cosmos...clouds and rain....rain and clouds...have I mentioned that we are having a long spell of cloudy and wet weather around here?

I thought I might have once or twice.  Tough times for the farmers.  I hope that things are sunny and bright where you are!

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