Saturday, June 22, 2013


 I've been missing.  Missing in action.  Missing my blog.  This photo was taken several moons ago...

But a little bird told me that it's time to catch up and get to blogging again!

Don't worry...the cat didn't catch the canary!

The last time I blogged Spring was just trying to emerge.

Summer took a long time to get here.  It's been cold and wet.  Wet and cold.  Either way it hasn't been very summery.  Tulips on the table help.

A red squirrel in the rain.

The first part of May brought some sad times to our city...a 24 year old woman went missing in a park very close to our house.  She was last seen with her former boyfriend who committed suicide when called into the police station for questioning.  The news helicopters were hovering over the park and around our house for a few days.  Seven weeks have passed...they still haven't found her.  I don't like to blog about things like that...but it was so close to home and made me realize that it can happen anywhere.  Many prayers have been said for her family.

On a lighter's been so cold and rainy here that we've had a duck in our backyard.  Quack.

The cat burrows into the covers and sleeps as much as possible.  I can't say that I blame her.

Way back in May Billy did the sermon / message for church.  It was in honor of Youth Sunday.  He did really well...we were pretty proud of the kid!

Since then, Billy has graduated from High School, we've had his graduation party and now summer baseball has started.

Graduation parties mean that all of those projects that have been put off since the last party have to get done.  In other words, it was a lot of work!  We survived.  More on the party next time.  For now I'll just say that I'll try not to be missing again for so long.  I've missed my little spot on the internet!

I'll leave you with a cell phone photo of a sunset on the golf course. feels good to be back.

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