Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Part One

So many flowers...they keep me hopeful that Spring will return to Minnesota eventually.  Pure white pretty.

We took a quick trip to the farm, it always makes me feel better when the sun is shining and I can give my favorite horses a hug!

I think that the Cardinals are getting tired of the winter too.  He's eyeing me like it's my fault!

Lilies on my kitchen table...closed flowers always give me a sense of hope, waiting for the beauty that is soon to come.

I usually pull the pollen off the stamen to keep the lilies fresh longer, but sometimes I leave it because I think that the flowers are prettier with it....until it falls and stains everything.  Then I wish I had pulled it off while I had the chance!

Mr. Cardinal as it snows again.  The moisture is great, but I'd rather see rain.

Pretty lilies.

Flowers and birds, birds and flowers....and so it goes.

My great niece had a fun 3rd birthday party.  She had to take a little break to feed her new baby.  So sweet.

And back to the flowers again.  Can you tell that we are in between sports at the moment??

I bought a Watch 'Em Grow pot, a pot of bulbs that you water and watch them grow.  These little iris were the first to bloom...they blossomed before I noticed the buds...that was a fun surprise!

The full Watch 'Em Grow pot.

Molly...I found her snuggled underneath a pillow on Brian's bed.  She wasn't amused about being woken up.

The daffodils were the next flowers to bloom in the Watch 'Em Grow pot.  So spring like!
Now if it could just be a little more spring like outside! Melt snow melt! Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that Spring has come to your neck of the woods!

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