Thursday, April 18, 2013

March Part 2 and April So Far

It seems like it's just a blink of an eye and I'm way behind on posting pictures on my blog.  So today, pictures it is.  A long post with lots and lots of pictures so I won't talk much.  It's better that way.

In March we were hoping that Spring was just right around the corner.  It wasn't.  Here is is April 18th and it's snowing like crazy.  It makes me appreciate the spring flowers that I had in my "Watch 'Em Grow" pot more than ever.  I wish I had some blooming now.  In my garden.  Sigh.  Daffodils.

Gotta love yellow daffodils!

The birds like to rest in this tree on their way to the bird feeder.  Hello Mr. Cardinal.

Back to the "Watch 'em Grow" pot.  I think that these are grape hyacinths...not sure but they are pretty.

A bigger view of what is blooming.

Brian was home for spring break.  He was pretty proud of his Good Will suit he should be.  I like it best when both boys are home...even though they are both technically men now.  Sigh.

"Watch 'em Grow" tulips.  More color...Yay.

Molly...I love this picture of her...not sure why but I do.

Back to the tulips.

Colorful daisies purchased by Billy.  Can't have enough color.

I took a quick trip to Como Park Conservatory.  Big crowds the Friday before Easter.  I did get this shot without people in it though.  It's such a happy and hope inspiring place on a cold day.

A bouquet of tulips.  The pretty black background happened because I hadn't put my winter coat away...I like it.

Easter weekend at the farm.  My boys are wondering if Spring will ever come too.

Winter has been tough on little old Tish...don't worry sweetie...spring has to come eventually.

Back home to the tulips.

We went to a Twins game on an almost warm to see one of my favorites Tori Hunter...he had the wrong uniform on though.  Excuse me Twins...if they are one of my favorites you should keep them.  Just saying.

Christmas cactus blooming for Easter.  Does that make it an Easter cactus?

Poor little bunny trying to get out of the rain.    

Gold finch in the cold rain.  Wonder what happened to the drought and global warming?

Oh my goodness...a sunny day.  Feels pretty darned good doesn't Czar?

A junco on another cloudy day.

My little garden boy is ready to get busy in the garden!

Maybe not...what a difference a day makes.

And it just kept snowing....April 11th blizzard.

Back to the flowers inside.

Cold and damp and wet junco.

Yep...inside is better.

We did have a cedar waxwing in our tree though...along with dozens of Robins.  I want to buy them some worms....poor birds.

Molly wants to put them out of their misery...I know, it's mean, she's inside...but it's what cats are born to do.

Another day another snowstorm.  I think I'm going to go back to bed until summer arrives.  You won't know though, because I'm the worlds most sporadic blogger.

I appreciate you stopping by though!  I hope summer has arrived in your neck of the woods!

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