Tuesday, March 26, 2013

February Part 2

I think that who ever figured out the calendar did a very good thing in having February as the shortest month of the year.  Anything that can shorten winter is a good thing in my eyes!

We went to a boys High School Basketball game in February, they were supposed to honor the football team in front of the crowd for winning the State Championship.  They didn't honor them after all, but Billy got to pick up his Championship ring and we got to see a decent basketball game.  Swoosh.

There is a big dance in February in Eden Prairie, it's called Selgaes...which is Eagles spelled backwards...or Seagles if you count the "s" which sounds like Seagulls to me but what do I know?  Anyway, the girls ask the boys, which is sort of backwards, but really shouldn't be...because why can't the girls ask the boys to any old dance any old time??  Again, what do I know.  Anyway, Billy went with a girl and a few friends and had a good time...and looked mighty fine if you ask me!  The picture is of Eric helping him with his tie pin...he tied his tie on his own. :-)

Billy's grandparents came to watch one of Billy's basketball games.  It was a fun game, a good one for them to see.  When did they all get so short?  Maybe it's just that Billy is 6'5".

Flowers make my day...especially stargazer lilies.

My friend Kris and I made the wrist corsages for Billy and his friend Tyler's dates.  Well, she made them while I watched and learned.  Anyway, it meant that I had to buy several bouquets to get the right flowers...which meant that I had lots of flowers around the house...yay!

The stargazers were from Valentine's day...the other flowers were from the bouquets for the corsages...flowers every where.

Even the broken flowers are pretty in a tiny old shot glass.

Hoops again.  My pictures are pretty predictable.  Sports, flowers, sports, flowers, family, sports, flowers, cat, sports, flowers, horse, sports, flowers, birds, flowers....and so it goes.

We had a weekend of hoops with the season ending tournament.

Eric was volunteered to be the coach for the last game, since the regular coach couldn't make it.  Billy had his first dunk...ever.  A fun way to end the season.

Oh look, it's the cat...

...and flowers.

...and more flowers.

It's enough to make you a little squirrely!
And with that, I'll say see you in March.  Thanks for stopping by!

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