Monday, March 25, 2013

February Part 1

I had good intentions of staying caught up, now I am more behind than ever I think!  Here are the first two weeks for photos from February.  Tulips on my piano.

A much needed fire in the fireplace.  This has been the coldest and longest winter in Minnesota in a long time.   Not sure if that is true record book wise, but it sure is true in a my old bones can't warm up way.

Billy playing hoops, I like that he doesn't take it too seriously.  Some players...and their parents...are sort of intense about the whole thing.  It's a GAME dang it!

This is a horse sculpture in my living room.  I was trying to find something different to take a photo of...and the light in the living room was nice that day. :-)

Back to hoops...push, shove, all to get to a silly ball.

Unless it's Billy that's playing, I think I'll stick to watching birds.  Cute little junco at the snowy feeder.

A cardinal under the feeder at dusk.

Winter days are short, sometimes it's hard to get a photo in while there is still some natural light...but this one worked in spite of the sun quickly going down!

 Brian was home from college for a's always nicer when all the birds are in the nest!  We had overnight rolls for and butterscotchy....yum.

And then it snowed and I took a picture of a bird.  My life is obviously too exciting to blog about!

Our sweet dog is getting old, so many friends have lost their furry friends this winter...going to take pictures of her while I can!  Typical retriever, always is carrying something around with her.  We call her stuffed animals her babies...she always knows what we mean.  Pretty cute.

I did actually make a craft that I could blog starters!  So easy...I think I'll just explain it here.  Pop some tea light candles out of their metal or plastic base and set them aside.  Line a muffin tin with cupcake liners.  Put one tea light in each lined muffin tin.  Put them in a 250 degree oven until the tea lights melt.  Carefully push the wick to one side and put a pine cone into the wax.  Let it harden and then remove it from the muffin tin.  You can either leave the paper on or remove.  I've left mine on.  Just put it at the base of your wood in the fireplace and light the wick.  They work great for getting your fire started!

Ok...back to basketball.  Jump kiddo!

And I'll finish with Valentines day.  Roses, of many colors.  Grocery store bouquets really are one of my favorite things.  Gotta brighten up these long winter days some how!

I won't make any promises about getting caught up with the pictures...but I will say...Thanks for stopping by!  Come back again sometime. :-)

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