Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Part Two

January part two of my photos of the day.  Trying to get it done before the games.  Two basketball games for Billy, and then the big super bowl game after that.  Fun day ahead!

I'm designing the button for a local festival, it's my 5th year.  The last few years I've taken photos for the button.  It's the raspberry it's a picture of raspberries of course.  This one didn't get used in the design, but I liked it just on it's own.  Yum.

I took a quick trip to the Como Park Zoo on a warm January day.  The temps were supposed to plummet following that day, so it seemed like a good time to go.  Everyone else seemed to think so too.  It was crowded!  The warm day (35 degrees F) made the polar bear very sleepy.  I took this shot of his huge paws through a very thick layer of glass.  I like it.  I'm calling it bear foot. :-)

 The weather turned as cold as they predicted, it was a good day to be inside with the cat.  She gets to sleep a lot more than the rest of us.  Maybe she's awake all would we know?

Sunday hoops.  Tough to get the boy, his arms, and the ball all in the same shot.

Someone didn't like me opening the door to let the dog out.  "You lookin' at me squirrel?"

 More hoops...a free throw.  I think he made this one!

I had the hankering for chocolate chip I made some...and took a picture with my cell phone.  I put nuts in 3 of them...because I'm the only one that will eat nuts.  And then I was only really tempted to eat three...for breakfast that is.  Cookies and coffee...counts as breakfast to me!

I was missing the early years with the boys on this day, this sculpture reminds me of those special times.  They were awfully cute. :-)

Eric and I had a date night, we went and saw Mary Jane Alm at the Chanhassen Dinner theater.   The service there was took over 45 minutes to just place our dinner order....thought we were going to miss the show.  The show made up for it though, it ended up being a really fun night.  And extra fun to watch someone that we know a little bit.  Wish I had brought my real camera.

We took a quick trip to the farm for a bonfire and wiener roast.  It was COLD...but not too bad out of the wind and by the fire.  My dad used to love a wiener my brother is carrying on the tradition and had one for his sweet granddaughter, my niece Avery.  I think she liked it!  

Back home for a basketball game.  I think our weekends will be looking very different after Billy graduates.

 Tulips in my kitchen...trying to bring a feeling of spring into the house.

I moved the tulips into the living room for different light.  These have fine little ridges running through the petals...very pretty in person.

My pictures seem to be of Billy playing sports, flowers, and the cat.  I need a new hobby...

...or really need to get out more.  Maybe when it warms up a bit.  The forecast says that the 30's are coming next week.  It gives me hope that we just might survive the winter after all!

I hope that Spring is just around the corner for you too!  Thanks for stopping by.

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