Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Days

Summertime in Minnesota, it's what helps us make it through those long, cold, snowy winters.  After a few chilly weeks, this one is shaping up to be about ideal.  Highs just touching 80 degrees, light breezes, summertime.
I'm golfing in a women's golf league with a couple of friends.  This is the view of hole number one taken with my cell phone last week.  It was cloudy and cool that day, last night the weather was perfect!

Even though I just mentioned our cold and snowy winters, our last one wasn't.  Not much snow, not very cold, and my rose bushes loved it!  They are full of blossoms.  The bees and butterflies are loving it too.

Billy still have a few days of school left, but summer baseball has begun.  His games are mostly late ones, starting at 8:00 pm.  It's fun to see him playing under the lights again.

My daisies are must be summer!

The boys set up the trampoline last weekend.  It's Billy's trampoline but somehow Brian was coerced into helping.  My little boy with a beard.  How did that happen?  He has a toothpick in his mouth fairly much like my dad.  It sure is nice having him home for the summer.

We took a quick trip to the farm on Sunday to help out with a couple of things.  My mom's bird feeders are so busy...and the birds are camera shy.  Or afraid of me....or the ruckus the dogs make when ever the front door opens.  I managed to peek around the side of the porch to capture this woodpecker enjoying the nectar that was put out for the Orioles.

Another night game for Billy.  He played third that night.  I didn't get many pictures of him, the other team had a very large man coaching third base and he kept stepping in front of me.  All I can say is that at some point men should really stop trying to wear a baseball uniform while coaching.  Ahem.  I'll spare you from the photos.

Onto a more pleasant thought.  I am love, love, loving my rose bushes right now.  So soft and pink and they smell so sweet.

I wish that they would be this glorious every summer...but we just never know when things will be that good again (from a Greg Brown song) I am just going to enjoy them everyday while I have them!
On that note I think I'll close.  I have some roses to stop and smell.  I hope the world is full of beauty where you are.  Thanks for stopping by.

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