Friday, June 1, 2012

Flashback Friday

A few blogs that I've read do Flashback Fridays.  I thought that it might be fun to do one on the first Friday of each month....until I forget about it or get too busy or something.  But for now, here we go.  The following  photos are from June of 2004...8 short years ago...the first year that I had a digital camera.

8 years ago Billy was playing travel soccer.

He was also playing in house baseball.  It was the first year of kid pitch I think.  It's hard to remember, they all blur together.

Proudly posing with his bat and giant helmet.  I always think that the little ones look like cute little bobble head dolls in those big helmets.

Brian's last day of 5th grade...11 years old.

Billy's last day of 3rd grade...9 years old.

Eric had to help him with his catchers gear back in the day.

Brian was very bored with Billy's sports back in the day...umm...still is now that I think about it!

Brian at the cabin, enjoying the first days of summer vacation...

...until his mean parents had him mow the yard!  He actually was feeling very grown up since he was finally able to mow.

The boys both took tennis lessons that summer.  Brian enjoyed it more than Billy!

 Having fun at the farm...the only place I allowed them to play with guns....ha!

Playing with the horses...oh how this picture makes me miss my dad.  He would be amazed at how much these boys have grown since he's been gone!  Somehow, I think he knows.

Looking back to remember just how fast time goes by....and remembering to enjoy each day.  Thanks for stopping by!

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