Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tis the Season...

...for baseball!  And for the hope of warmer days.  Having a record breaking warm March has made our average temperatures in April seem darned cold.  Thank goodness for May and summer being on it's way.  But let's finish up April and the daily photos.

The end of April was pretty much the same as the middle of April...baseball, flowers, baseball, flowers, baseball, something else, baseball...you get the idea.  Here's Billy getting on base on a sunny day...it's all about the fist bump from the coach.

The cool weather has not been very encouraging for my tulips...but they are trying.

Baseball on the home field.  Run Billy!

Look what a couple of sunny days did for my tulips!  Hello sunshine.

 I stopped by the Minnesota Horse Expo for a few hours last weekend.  I could have and probably should have spent the whole day.  It was crowded and I needed to head to the farm to spend some time with my mom...so it was mostly the parade of breeds, a corn dog and then out the gate to sit in traffic.  In a dream world I would have a couple of these in my back yard...the beautiful Friesian, take my breath away.

Saturday morning was spent at the car dealer...fun and stressful all in one.  With 4 drivers here this coming summer we needed to add a vehicle.  A zeal red Mazda CX-5.  Fun to drive and good mileage to boot.

Sunday had us back up to the farm to help with a few things....and to check on this guy.  Skylar isn't too sure about the camera...or maybe it's me.  I'm not quite sure.

Monday meant another baseball game.  At least the sun came out.  After a sort of shaky start the team has had 4 wins in a row.  Their record is now 6 wins, 4 losses....and the season is just about at the half-way point.  Go Eagles!

It's looking like May is going to be a lot like April.  Let's hope that the warm weather of March returns.  We're also looking forward to Brian returning home after his first year of college.  Where does the time go?  Sigh.  Thanks for stopping by!

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