Friday, October 15, 2010

Still Kicking

I thought that I had better update my blog just to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking. I don't think that I have writers block, I think that I just don't really have that much to say. Maybe it's not a good idea for someone that doesn't say much to have a blog. Oh well. But I do have photos.

This is Brian. We were heading out to run errands. It's funny when I run errands with Brian, we get great service and a lot of smiles from all the young female clerks. I wonder why that would be??

This is my little bug of a great niece Avery with my brother. My brother, his wife, and Avery's mom and dad came to Billy's football game last week. So fun to see them, so nice for Billy to have fans, and fun for us to go out to dinner afterwards. One of the funny things about being a lose your identity and become known as your child's mom....and that's ok. I'm proud to be Brian and Billy's mom. :-)

We visited the farm and the cabin last weekend. Eric's mom (see what I mean) was having a birthday so we had a little party. It was crazy warm. Here are Murphy and Rusty enjoying the dog days of October. What? Really.

Billy had his last baseball games of the season on Sunday and Brian had his last soccer game. It was baseball at 10:00 am, soccer at noon, and baseball again at 4:00. Another sunny warm day. Perfect if you ask me. Here is #10 hitting the ball on 10-10-10. Too bad I didn't take it during the 10:00 game.

This is Molly. It's hard to get a picture of Molly, she's camera shy. Or always on the move, when she isn't sleeping that is.

The cosmos are still going strong. I love cosmos, they bloom late into the fall. They would be the perfect flower if only they started blooming earlier in the season. I'm enjoying them while I can.

There are still a few petunia's blooming. This one is surrounded by fall leaves. The colors all sort of clash...but I like it.

And last but not least, one of the few Halloween decorations that I put out. It's a horse and a wagon with costumed characters....

....but my favorite part is the horse. Of course. Happy October, until next time.

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