Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Photos So Far

The camera that had a bath in Diet Coke hasn't recovered. Some parts work, but some important parts don't. Like viewing the photos, and the auto focus is messed up, and deleting images from the memory card....oh, and being able to adjust the shutter speed. Other than that, it's just fine. Not. So I've been using our original Digital Rebel. And am relearning where the controls are. Some I'm learning for the first time, because I had kept things on automatic most of the time when I used that camera.

And it's working. Sort of. I can't take too many pictures quickly at games....the camera gets bogged down and can't process things that quickly. I didn't remember that from when I used to use it all the time....but maybe I wasn't trying to do as much.

The colors and clarity are better with the old camera. The Diet Coke camera (Canon Digital Rebel TSi) had problems from early on. The good news was that it forced me to work around the problems and use the manual settings. The bad news was that I ended up with lots of duds before I'd get a good shot.

We bought the Rebel TSi in a big hurry, the day before we were leaving for a family reunion / wedding cruise. We suddenly couldn't load a memory card into our original Rebel. Bent pins? Maybe, but we didn't have time to figure it out. So we bought a new camera with no research. Bad idea. It seemed ok at first, but it was a dud. Apparently at lot of the Rebel TSi's are duds. After about a year we sent it back to Canon, they repaired it, it was better for a while....but it gradually got bad again. Focus was off, colors were off, exposure was off, everything was off.

When we sent it back I was feeling like I'd be lost without a on a whim I decided to look at our original Rebel again. We had set it aside and had sort of forgotten about it. I tried inserting one of our memory cards...nope...wouldn't sit. For some reason I tried another one and it slid right in. What? The cards were physically the same size, memory wise the one that fit was our smallest card.

Whatever, it worked. I used it until our Rebel TSi came back. A step back in technology...but it worked. When the TSi came back from the manufacturer I set the old camera aside again for well over a year....until the Diet Coke bath.

And now I'm appreciating that older technology again. It's heavier, the photos are smaller, it processes things very slowly....but it works.

I'm older and slower and heavier too...I think we'll get along just fine. And for now....having a camera that works is a wonderful thing.

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