Friday, October 8, 2010

Soccer is for Squares

Did the title get your attention? I didn't mean that soccer was for square people, I meant that soccer is great for square photos. I'm not sure why, I just looked over these soccer pictures and kept thinking...that one would look better if it were square. So...we have a post with square soccer pictures.
Brian is playing soccer twice a week....once during the weekend and one night a week. With the shorter days, the weeknight games get pretty dark by the time they are finished. They are close by so I usually ride my bike over to watch. When I got there this week he was jogging over to talk with this cute's time for soccer not flirting! Sheesh. Just kidding, she is cute though!

A lot of game days Brian isn't really feeling like playing. He'd rather just be at home, not go out again....I think he gets that from me. But once he gets there he gets into the game.

He's gotten better and better...mostly because his confidence about playing has improved too.

He has a couple of good friends on the team. This is Alec, it was nice to hear him hollering encouraging words to Brian. Alec has played a lot, it's a different sort of challenge to play on a team that isn't as good as he's used to...but he's kind and encouraging and having fun too.

The darkness made it challenging to take pictures, but the pink sky was pretty cool. Go Brian!

We've had a couple of weeks of truly gorgeous weather. Sunny, in the 70's, beautiful fall colors. Minnesota is a wonderful place to be right now. It will change....but we enjoy it while we can.

Typical mom, thinks her boys are too good looking for their own good. Nice profile Brian!

Lots of running in soccer, sometimes you just have to catch your breath. I would be laying down on the ground panting if I tried to run that much.

Brian get up! He popped up and went racing down the field.

Brian...don't turn around....there's another cute girl behind you. Girls everywhere, no wonder he's playing so hard. :-)

Zoom...there he goes again. Don't let the lights fool you, they are lighting up a different field on the other side of the parking lot. They're just there to mess up my photos. It's all about me you know.

What?...being selfish is not a penalty! was off sides...I guess that is. Being self centered should be too. Actually, I just liked the lighting behind this young lines judge. Gotta admire him calling the shots on these teenagers.

Fresh air, getting out of the house, running, smiling, laughing, playing with friends, hanging with girls, respecting each other....

....nothing square about that....well....except for the photos. Play on.

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