Monday, October 25, 2010

A Picture A Day...

...with not much to say....but needed to catch up anyway. Some days, like on sports days, I take a lot of pictures. It's a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work to sort through them, so I put it off.

On regular days, there isn't always very much that inspires me to take pictures, so I take a few, and then put off looking at them.

On regular days, sometimes I put off taking pictures so long it's almost dark. Then I put off looking at those too.

Some days I just take a couple of pictures of flowers and call it good for the day...but it probably isn't good I put off looking at them.

Some days Eric surprises me with flowers which of course I want to take pictures of...but then I'm so busy admiring the real thing that I put off looking at the pictures I took of them. Can you tell that I'm pretty good at putting things off?

Then there's the sports again with too many pictures....

...and now the flowers are what will I do?

Take pictures of Brian shooting his new airsoft gun of course! Something new...woohoo!

And then a picture of Penny smiling at the farm. She's smiling, can't you see it? Is too.

After spending some time at the farm we came home and I hit the bottle. Root beer bottle...from Brian's root beer bottle collection. I was helping take a couple pictures for his digital photography class. It's fun to share what I know, and what I'm learning, and to learn from him. Sometimes it's good to have teenagers around....they are inspiring.

But now it's Monday...and it's cold and dreary...and I'm back to the flowers again. Inside. Aren't they beautiful a whole week later?

I think so too. A girl can never have too many flowers. The end.

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