Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Changes in the Air

There are changes in the air...and it seems like it happened over night. We had what seemed like weeks of hot, humid, hazy, stormy weather. And then one day it changed. We went from upper 90's and humid to mid 70's and dry overnight. Hot summer then it felt like fall.

It was a nice change. This boy of mine is changing. His senior year starts in a couple of weeks. He went to school and picked up his schedule this week...and thought that all of the kids there looked so young. Sigh. Some changes we are ready for, some we aren't. Where did my little guy go?

The flowers in the yard are looking a little more fall-like. This one is in my mom's yard....I took the picture when it was still stinking hot.

You've seen this one before....but I really like it. My littlest boy has grown up too. David, the boy in the back of the canoe is mostly Brian's friend, but they all get along and he's ok with hanging out with Billy too....and I think that's pretty neat.

Another picture of my grown up boy. He's got some decisions to make...about a career path, about college, you know, those scary life decisions that some of us haven't completely made yet in our late 40's....hum. It seems like an overwhelming thing to think about before you have the life experience to know anything. Good thing that teenagers think they know more than they do. I think.

That was too much thinking for me. I think I'll just stick to my photos of the day for the rest of my post. Petunias. It looks wrong to me when it's spelled like that...I've been Patunia2 for too long I guess.

This flower starts with a "g" and I'm too lazy to look it up. But it's pretty.

Molly likes to be outside again now that the heat has passed. She really likes it that the thunderstorms are gone. Poor little kitty is afraid of thunder. Sometimes I sneak up behind her and say "BOOM" to watch her jump. I'm mean like that.

Speaking of thunder, this is our neighbors house as an evening storm came through. BOOM! Did I scare you?? :-)

My cosmos in the rain. The garden is a little worse for wear this year.

I've been wondering why my cone flowers were looking so ragged....then I saw this gold finch helping himself to the seeds....and now I know.

This wistful little face is from a planter / statue in my back yard. A boy with a wheel barrow. It was here when we bought the house...I like it. He looks so sad...probably because his mom made him haul stuff in the wheel barrow.

Cosmos...I have a couple of really thick, tall plants with tiny flowers on them...not the pretty, wispy cosmos that I'm used to. One was so thick it tipped over like a tree in one of our storms. TIMBER! Hmmm...I seem to be yelling a lot today. I'll keep it down.

And last but not least...a cone flower getting ready to blossom. There is something about this picture that just makes me smile. I think it's the light in the background, the promise of a new day....

....and another sign that change is in the air. Change is good.

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