Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Latest

The latest blog post? The latest excuse? Nah, just some of the latest pictures and bits and pieces of our week. Every day I wake up and tell myself that this is the day I'm going to get it all together! Every night I go to bed and wonder what happened to the day. You'd think I would have figured it out by now.

On to the pictures. I'm loving the day lilies right now. This picture was taken in the evening. If my pictures are from the evening, it's not because it's's because I suddenly realize that I haven't taken my photo for the day. This one happened to work. :-)

I have a new perennial garden that I've been meaning to blog about someday. This is a cool double cone flower blooming in my new never talked about perennial garden.

Out of the garden and on to the country. There are a couple of new horses on the farm. My mom is getting some extra help with fencing etc in exchange for boarding. Two friendly mares. "in heat". My geldings think they are very interesting. The getting acquainted dances have been interesting. They act a lot like teenagers.

It was a busy weekend in the country for the 4th. The boys each brought a friend to the cabin. They bought fireworks. There was a lot of teenage banter between the 4 of them. Eric and I escaped for a little bit to catch the sunset. It wasn't spectacular, but it was quiet....and that's sort of spectacular all on it's own.

On the 4th I was at my mom's place, working on a fence, when I heard some squawking. I wandered down the hill to check it out. It wasn't much....just a pair of BALD EAGLES!!

One in each tree. I don't know what all the squawking was about....probably something about Barry the bald eagle just not understanding how it makes Bald Betty feel when he leaves his wet towels laying all over on the bathroom floor. What??

Oh look....the herd is on the move. They actually are getting along really well. Why is the littlest female always the bossy one?

Sunset on the 4th of July.

Who needs fireworks when the view looks like this?

Well...we did of course! We went to the little town of Amery, Wisconsin to watch the sky light up.

Instead of fighting the crowds, we found an out of the way spot on the driving range of the golf course there.

The view was just fine. I think Brian and David liked the show.

I don't know about these two though. Ryan looks scared...Billy looks like he's texting someone. Really, texting during the fireworks? Sigh.

I liked this shot, it looks like a couple of flowers to me. Have I mentioned that I like flowers??

Boom, ahhhhh, slap. It wouldn't be the 4th without mosquitoes. They weren't too bad though.

On Monday the boys were hired to paint the cabin. Here's Brian, he's looking a little scruffy with his beard.

Here's David, he's looking a little scruffy too. Woodsmen, that's what they are. A close relative to Sasquatch.

I watched from inside....Sasquatch scares me.

Billy and Ryan painted too. It was impressive that Billy didn't need a ladder to paint under the eaves. How'd he get so tall?

I think it happened over night.

While they were painting I went and picked a few wild blueberries. Then I made pancakes. And the boys only wanted the plain ones. My efforts were under appreciated. More blueberry pancakes for me I guess.

Back home to Eden Prairie to some evening day lilies. Yep....behind in the day again.

This is Yarrow growing in my front garden. I take close-ups so the weeds don't show....shhhh....don't tell.

On Thursday we had a picnic after Eric's softball game at the lake. I made Calico Beans. At least the softball players appreciate my efforts! The sunset was perty.

A couple of random flower pictures to end the week, and the post. Some pink flowers in my front garden.

And last but not least, a couple more day lilies. I planted these last year around our river birch tree....they are starting to look pretty good. They just bloom and bloom and I don't have to do a thing....

....except remember to take pictures of them every now and again. I like that. Summers are busy, life is good. I hope to get back to more regular posts someday soon.
Happy summer!

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