Friday, July 2, 2010

He's a Dirty Player

Baseball season is over, Billy's team got knocked out of the play-offs on Tuesday. Since then, I've been sorting through some of the baseball pictures that I've taken...and I've realized, without a doubt, that Billy was the dirtiest player on his team. Again. It started with the first game. Look at this series of shots....sliding into home....

Safe! And dirty! Oh...did you think I meant that he played dirty? way...he's a competitive player.....but never a dirty one. Except for his uniform. Dirty. Always. See?

Here his coach is asking him how he got so dirty....I think he said "just hittin' the dirt coach."

He doesn't just get dirty running the bases, he gets dirty playing in the field too.

Here I think the coach was telling the boys that they weren't dirty enough.....

....the very next play Billy took care of that! Trying to tag out the runner after a wild pitch...

....oof........dirt. The runner was safe, no one was hurt... so all I saw from the play was more laundry.

Here he's asking his dad why I worry about laundry so much. Not really....I think he's asking him if there's another good way to get really dirty. His dad says sure...hit a triple and slide into third.

No he wouldn't....oh dear....he's running fast....that can't be good.

Hmmmm.....still running....

....and then the darned coach says "get down!".....

....and he's sliding, sliding, sliding....... a cloud of dirt. Like Pig Pen in Charlie Brown.

But he was safe, albeit very dirty. Sigh. Most of the time he would just slide and get his pants dirty.

But then...when he figured I didn't have enough other stuff to do, like blog or paint my nails or something.... he would make more laundry for me by diving in head first and getting extra dirty.

Wow Billy.....nice dive....and you were safe! And dirty. And it's picture day. "So?" he says.

Even when he was pitching he was dirty. Look at those pants. Shout it out. Actually, when I used to try to get his pants clean I would soak them in dish detergent. It worked great. Then I gave up.

Do you see this field? This is how it looked before Billy started playing. None of that dirt is left there anymore. It's all in my laundry room.

But do you see this smile? That's a smile of a dirty player. Dirty shirt, dirty pants, dirty socks....

....and a big wonderful baseball loving heart. He's grown and learned a lot this season, I couldn't be more proud. I hate to see the season end so early....I think I might even miss the laundry. Well, maybe not....but I will miss everything else!

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