Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Winds

Love calls like the wild birds
it's another day
The spring wind blew my 
list of things to do away...
~Greg Brown

One of my favorite folk singers Greg Brown sings a lot of songs about spring...but the chorus for this one fits the best right now. So many things to catch up with when spring finally rolls around.  Apparently my blog was at the bottom of my list.  Let's catch up on some photos for now.  Lots of photos.  Not much talk.

 Greta...she's growing up.

 Balancing an egg on end for the Spring Equinox.

 Some tulips on my table that never really opened up.  Still pretty though.

 My littlest turned 19.  What a treat to have him home for his birthday over Spring Break.

 There was a little cake left over, but not for long.

 Greta LOVES to be outside.  Glad that the snow is now gone!

 More tulips for the table.  Gotta bring in Spring where I can!

 Loved the bright orange color.

 They didn't last very long, but were pretty the whole time.

 April showers...but this was still March.  At least it was rain.

 My gardeners are eager to see some green!

 The tulips went crazy...but I still like them!

 The snow at the farm always stays a little longer than here in the city.

 My Christmas cactus is blooming in time for Easter.  Maybe it's an Easter cactus.  Lots of blossoms this year!

 Grapes...because they are such a pretty green.

 Eric went to the Como Park Conservatory with me.  It was a nice day to wander around.

 The viola were blooming like crazy.  They remind me of my grandpa, the tough, gruff farmer that loved flowers.

 And then winter returned.

Nine inches of winter.  It melted in a few days, so that wasn't too bad...but yikes.

 Brian got all cleaned up for a date.  Such a handsome guy!

 We've been trying to get to the farm every weekend.  It's good to see our folks, and it's really good to see my boys when the days are getting nicer.  So glad that they survived the brutally cold winter.

 We went to the Twins home opener.  The highlight was this eagle soaring over the field.  It might be a long season for the home team.  Still fun to go though.

 More tulips.

 This one kept growing after they were in the vase for a few days.  I liked the touch of pink.

Our sweet old dog, enjoying the first 70 degree day in 6 months.  Like I said, it was a long, cold winter!

 I made a spring wreath for my front door.  It's a little bright, but we need that right now!

 I'll end with a picture of my boy. Skylar in the wind.  The snow is gone, they are starting to nibble on a little bit of green grass. Spring, it's a wonderful thing.  Now, it's time for me to try and find that darned to do list again.  Thanks for stopping by!
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