Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Showers.

We've had quite a few rainy or cloudy days this month.  Only one day in the 10 day forecast is predicting a sunny day.  Otherwise it's rain or clouds.  It must be April.  But the warmer days and rain have the Spring Peepers peeping!  This wind chime isn't a Spring Peeper...but close enough.

The night of the lunar eclipse was very clear, but also pretty cold!  I took this shot of the full moon before midnight, so it counts as my photo for April 14th!

Brian and I stayed up most of the night so I could take a picture of the eclipse every 10 minutes.  Well, he stayed up because he was doing homework and that's what he does.  It started at 12:55 a.m. and ended at around 4:30 a.m.  If I were doing it right I would have used a tripod instead of hand holding the camera...then I could have kept my ISO lower when the moon turned red!  But I didn't, it was too cold to sit outside and I wasn't going to leave my camera out there without me!  So the red shots are grainy, but I like how it turned out anyway!

The next day it rained and rained.  We were lucky though, because it snowed at the farm.  Snowed and snowed almost 15".  The winter that never ends!

I haven't been very motivated to take pictures, but Molly lounging on Brian's pillow like a queen seemed like a good enough reason to get the camera out.

My cactus is still blooming, the blossoms are fading though.

We spent the weekend at my Mom's celebrating Easter.  The snow had melted, my boy was happy to see me! He still has some shedding to do!

Easter morning was really foggy!  I love how this one looks like it's a black and white.  It's not, it was just that foggy.  I was itching to take more pictures but had to get ready for church.  The fog burned off, the day turned sunny and warm.  Minnesota weather, it's full of surprises.

The warm days made the lilac buds pop.  Spring is coming!

A busy day and not much picture taking motivation had me taking my daily photo well after dark.  A meeting for the golf league and going out with the girls afterwards were a fun reminder of the summer outings to come!

And finally, my little statue looking out into the mostly green backyard.  Patiently waiting for the rain to stop and for the days to get warmer so he can have some flowers in his wheel barrow!

April showers are here...the May flowers are just around the corner!  I'm looking forward to it!  Thanks for stopping by!


Linda Watson said...

What beautiful photos. So glad I clicked over from RedDirtinmySoul.

Pat said...

Thanks for stopping by Linda! I'm a very intermitent blogger. :-) I'm glad that you enjoyed my photos. We've had a long winter here in Minnesota, looking forward to seein more green!