Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Greetings!  So what is up with my blog header??  ^^^  It is supposed to look like the photo below.  Apparently I need to look into what the best picture size should be.  Not feeling like pursuing it at the moment though.  Just scroll down and hide it ok??

Last week Eric and I went to a rodeo in Hamel.  Last Friday my friend Kris and I went to a rodeo in Waconia.  I didn't get too many good shots, but I like this one.  I brought my cheaper lens, the lighting and seating wasn't as good...but it was still fun....just not phototastic.  Yep...I just made up a new word.

The full moon was really bright last weekend.  It even lit up the clouds.  Not quite full here, but I like it.

I spent a night at my mom's while Eric and Billy were out of town.  Fun to see this guy first thing in the morning!  Breakfast with a friend.

Loving the day lilies right now.  My garden is needing weeding right I should get in there and admire those flowers up close.  Why don't rabbits eat weeds?

Cosmos are one of my favorites...I like the pink ones best, but this one seemed so bright and clean.

Another day lily.  I like the ruffles on the edges of this one.

One last day lily.  Eric and Billy are on their way home from West Virginia.  Billy's team is now in the losers bracket of the state baseball tournament...but two wins today would put them in the championship game tomorrow.  I'm hopeful.  I sure would like to see him play one last game!

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and flowers....unless you need rain...then I hope you get that!  Thanks for stopping by.

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