Friday, February 1, 2013

January Part One

 Happy New Year!  A month late.  But we are getting closer.  Here are my buddies on January 1st.  It's been a cold winter.

I took this photo on a frosty morning from my office window.  The cardinals were sitting in the tree, all fluffed up eating red berries.

Our tree stayed up longer than I like, but I was enjoying the little twinkling lights in the house.  January days are short and dark in Minnesota!

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.  It was given to us by Eric's mom for Christmas when were were first married.  That would probably mean that it is an antique now!  I wish I was kidding.  :-S

My hay buddy on a quick trip to the farm.

Billy is keeping busy with basketball this winter.  Somehow he looks really tall to me when he's just sitting.  I think it's those long legs.

The  life of a house cat...sleeping, eating, bugging your humans, napping, eating and then sleeping again.

 Hoops again.  I think that the boy in black is at the top of his vertical jump...and crashing into my little boy.  Basketball gets rough.  Honestly, it's on of my least favorite sports to watch.  But I do.  And then snicker at the parents that go crazy with their yelling.  Really??  It's just in-house basketball.  Yikes.

I was waiting for a warm day to remove the decorations from on the front step. This day the sun was hitting the glitter and things were really sparkling.  I couldn't quite capture it, but I tried.  Some days it's all about trying.

Wheel barrow sculptures / planters in my back yard.  They were here when we bought the house, but I like them a lot!  Waiting for spring and some flowers.

It finally warmed up for a few days here...and rained and rained.  We needed the moisture, but would have rather had snow.  Rain + freezing = ice every where.

The boys had to walk slowly in their pasture, I should have gotten them some Yaktrax!  Too bad they are only for humans.

The middle of January meant bringing Brian back to college.  I caught this hazy sunset as we were driving down the road.  A 70 mph sunset.  I like it!  I don't like bringing Brian back to school...just when I was getting used to him being home again!

Sometimes the day slips away and the best thing to take a photo of is the moon....big or small the moon is pretty cool.

Last but not least, here's a small sample of Brian's Root Beer bottle collection.  The boy sure likes his root beer!  The bottles are fun.  Who knew there were so many kinds of root beer!

And with that, we are halfway through January.  I'm thinking that by tomorrow we'll be all caught up...just in time to be behind in February.  This everyday stuff is tough!  Hope it is warm where you are, we had a low of -13 with a windchill of -33 degrees this morning.  Makes a person want to stay in the nice warm bed!  No wonder I'm behind in everything.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow!

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