Thursday, January 31, 2013

December 2012

Are you ready to zip through December?  The last 26 days of December anyway?  I know that I am.  Here goes.  Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus...isn't that what it's all about?  I love my Willow Tree nativity set.

And I love cardinals in the snow.  This one is sitting on the net surrounding the trampoline....which has since been taken down.

I took some Christmas card pictures for my niece and her family....little Avery wasn't feeling it that day.  This one was where we were turning the frown upside down.  She wasn't really frowning...just wouldn't smile.  Kids are so funny.

We had a nice big snowstorm, Eric and I took the dog for a fun walk.  The snow was so deep that she got pretty tired...but it was such a beautiful and peaceful day!

My outside decorations were buried in snow.

One of my horse ornaments...looking out the window like he's wishing he could go out and play.

We had a fun get together for Eric's birthday.  My mom sent down some bars for him....he was keeping a pretty tight hold on them!

The best part of December was having Brian home for a few weeks.  This is a picture of the old building that he lives in while in Winona.

Part of my snow village...this piece always makes me smile for some reason.  It really looks like ice.

My project for the football team was finally done.  D-ring binder books and printed books.  260 pages each...just before I boxed them up and delivered them.  So happy to have it behind me.

I volunteered to take some portrait photos of a friends dog.  I didn't realize at the time that she was a dark chocolate lab...dark brown in the snow.  Did I mention hyper too?  Yep, hyper.  We got a couple of cute shots though.

Oh Christmas tree.  It seemed like it had a lot more lights than show here.

I had paper whites blooming right before Christmas.  So fragrant...and so pretty.  White on white.

Paper whites again.

I love Christmas lights...and shallow depth of field.

The boys on our way to take Christmas card photos.  This isn't the one that I used, but for some reason I really like it's my photo of the day.

One of my favorite Christmas Village pieces.  It's very similar to the conservatory at our local zoo.

A cell phone picture of our little home town church the night before Christmas Eve.  It's the annual candle light wouldn't feel like Christmas without it.

Czar on Christmas Eve morning...enjoying the sunshine.

We came back home on Christmas night...the boys tore into their gifts.  The dog was so tired from spending a few days in the country...holidays are exhausting!

Another horse tree was full of them.

Paper whites were still blooming a week later.  So pretty.

Female cardinal...we call them "mama cardinals".  I think that they are as pretty as the males.
 Movie night at home with the dog in front of the fire...doesn't get much better than that!

The days are short in December, the ornaments are it makes for an easy photo of the day.

The cat is an easy target too....when she's awake that is.  House cats have it pretty easy.

And with that we are at the end of 2012.  Ring out the old and bring in the new.  See you in January.

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