Thursday, December 1, 2011

Intermittent Blogger

I'm still here, just not blogging very often.  So, another picture heavy post to catch up with the last, oh, three weeks or so.  Things have been a little busy around here.
Three weeks ago it was still late fall around here.  My little scare crow was still parked on my front step.

 We had a fairly warm, and very dry fall here in Minnesota.  We are very short on rain.  Now that it's December 1st the moisture that does come will most likely be snow.  That thought doesn't seem so bad now...a white Christmas would be nice.

The squirrels have been busy keeping my bird feeders empty.  I don't know if it means that it's going to get cold or if it just means that squirrels like to eat...and eat.

 Billy's football team kept winning and winning until they got into the State Tournament.  Unfortunately Billy got a concussion in practice and hasn't been cleared to play.  I'm glad that they are being cautious with it.  This picture is before the Anoka game...the cheerleaders make the signs and the players burst through it when they enter the field.  It's fun to see what they will come up with each week.  The Anoka Tornado's didn't touch down that night!

 I had some frozen apples in the freezer that needed to be used, it seemed like a good time to make a trial pie before Thanksgiving.  That was my excuse.  It was yummy.

Eric and Billy took some time to do a little last minute yard bringing in the bird bath so it doesn't freeze and break.  It's good to have a teenager in the house, I don't have to lift stuff that way.

I took a little trip with 3 girl friends in the middle of the month.  Our girls weekend trip became a during the week cruise.  We boarded the ship in Miami on Monday the 14th and sailed out that evening heading for the Bahamas.

The weather was perfect.  Our first port was Nassau.  We took a cab and then a ferry to a beautiful little island called the Blue Lagoon.  Sun, sea and sand...a perfect day.

Day two we stopped in Free Port.  Our snorkeling tour was cancelled because of the wind, so we had to wing it.  A fun day followed by an unusual sunset.  The best part was spending time with friends.

Our third stop was at the Stirrup Cay...a private Island owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Basically a beach and a barbecue...and time to soak up the sun and relax.  Perfect.

 We arrived back in Miami Friday morning, flew to Orlando, flew into Minneapolis around 4:30, a quick trip home and then on to the Metrodome for the football game State Semi finals.  I got to take pictures on the field, it was lots of fun.  I like this one of two of Billy's classmates...Tyler and Tony.  Eden Prairie won and got to play in the Championship game the following week.  Very exciting to see the home team do so well!

 A busy week meant for a tired Saturday.  The snow was a little hard to get used to after the white sand of the Bahamas.  I pretended that they were sand dunes, not snow drifts.

 I had spent a lot of time editing football pictures, so I didn't really feel like taking my photo of the day, but did take a quick snapshot of my Angel of Hearts.  I liked the way the light was hitting her in the late afternoon.

I had rented a 100 mm to 400 mm lens for the football game and decided to test it looking out of my window.  Very lazy photographer.  I like it...I think.

Hungry squirrel with the big lens...up close and personal.  Hey...drop those seeds you glutton!

Trying to get the house ready for Thanksgiving, I did take a second to snap a little chickadee with the long lens.  Over exposed, but I like how isolated it is.

My great niece Avery was one of our Thanksgiving guests.  If there were cute laws she'd be breaking them! Oh, and happy 50th birthday to me...oye.

Football championship game, on Brian's birthday.  He comes home from college for the weekend and we leave to watch football on his birthday.  Parents of the year.  But he didn't want to go to the game...the Championship Game!  I was supposed to get a pass to be on the field to take photos, it didn't happen.  I used the long lens to take this one of the pre-game prayer from the stands.  The boys managed to win it all...13-3 against rival Wayzata.  It was an exciting game.

My friend Eileen brought me some flowers before Thanksgiving in honor of my birthday...aren't they pretty!  It made it almost worth it to get older.  Almost.

This was my Thanksgiving center piece a few days after the party.  I love the colors of fall and of Thanksgiving.  Christmas will have to wait a few days!

 Sunday night we went to the High School football banquet.  I guess there was a lot to celebrate...the banquet was almost 5 hours.  I'm thankful for padded seats.  Billy got his varsity letter, that was cool.

Little center pieces I had on my little table.  They finally opened up.  I thought they were cute.

Bad lighting makes for a cardinal silhouette....I still like him.  The snow melted.

 My good friend Kris took me out for my birthday so Eric took my's always wonderful to have girl time!

And last but not least a picture of the end of my Thanksgiving bouquets.  They are fading fast, but that's ok, I've started hauling the Christmas decorations upstairs.  It's time.

Thanks for stopping back, it's always nice to see you here!

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