Monday, December 5, 2011

He Makes Me Smile...and other stuff.

A short and sweet post. This is Billy, sometimes the kid just plain makes me smile.  Brian does too...but this one is going to be about Billy.  Billy was at Youth Group at church last week.  There was a little boy there that has a sister in Billy's group.  The little boy, Will, is a huge E.P. High School Football fan.  He was thrilled to see Billy and ask him all about the big championship game.  Billy had a concussion near the end of the season and wasn't playing, but he was on the field with his jersey on and that was enough for 8 year old Will.  Will wondered if maybe Billy could get some of the autographs from the players on the team.  Billy said sure, he could try.

Will made up two sheets, one that said EP Rocks on the top and Will # 1 fan on the bottom.  The other was a special sheet just for the star running backs autograph.  It said "Will your Bigest fan EP!  Your awesome Larson, Will". Billy got on facebook and asked a few of his team mates if they'd be willing to sign the papers at school...they were.  He tracked them down at school and got most of the starters signatures...and that oh so special autograph from Andrew Larson.  Billy got some good natured harassing...a couple kids teased him that since they were for Will that they were really for Billy himself.  He didn't mind.  At church on Sunday morning the papers were hidden in Eric's jacket sleeve until after the service.  He finally found Will and surprised him with the Autographs.  Will's eyes got really big, he squealed and then leaped into Billy's arms.  It was SO cute to see his reaction...and good for Billy to see just how much a little thing can mean to a kid.  And yes, he does make me proud, and he makes me smile.

He makes his dad smile too.  My photo of the day for Friday is of Eric, I don't take enough pictures of people...going to have to try and change that!

My photo of the day for Saturday isn't of a person, it's of Raspberries!  I'm doing a job that needs a photo of raspberries, this is one of the shots that I took.  I'm not sure if I'll be using this one or not, but I like it.  It's sort of fun to take pictures that will actually be used for something...and more fun when I can eat the props afterwards...yum!

We took a quick trip to visit our folks on Sunday.  By the time we had lunch and watched the Vikings lose yet again, it was almost dark.  I took this picture from under my mom's front porch.  I know it's not a good thing, but she gets the best icicles!

 I spent a little time putting lights on our Christmas tree today.  It's a bad feeling when you are almost done and look down to find a little bulb that had fallen out of one of the strings.  I counted my blessings when I found the empty socket almost right away.  I have to admit, I don't like putting the lights on.  I thought I was done, but then I plugged them in and it doesn't look nearly enough lights.  Sigh.  I better get back to work.

At least the Angel is lit.  My wish for you is that all of your lights work on the very first try.  Thanks for stopping in!

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