Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Football, Flowers and Sunny Days

It's High School football season, and it's been keeping us sort of busy.  Billy has been playing on both the Varsity and the Junior Varsity teams.  The kids that don't get as much playing time on Varsity play JV.  Here is a picture of the Varsity after winning their homecoming game.  Billy is in there somewhere.

Most weeks the Varsity plays on Friday night and the JV plays on Saturday morning.  Since he is playing on both teams, we go to both games.  It's fun....but it's a lot of football.  I volunteered to take pictures at the JV games and some of the Varsity games.  Yikes.  That means being on the sidelines and trying not to get too close to the action...and then it means editing lots of pictures to upload to the teams picture site.  Easy enough, just time consuming!  The picture below is of Billy playing tight end...number 89.

There is one weekend left of fall baseball.  I usually post an action shot for baseball, but I liked how the sun was shining on Billy before he went up to bat.

The weather has been unseasonably warm here for the last few weeks.  Warm and way too dry.  The mums seem to like it though.

One thing that the Fall season in Minnesota brings is an urgency to get out and do those summer things before it's too late!  Like golfing.  Eric and I got out on the course with my niece and her husband last week.  That day was coolish and cloudy, but it was still wonderful to get out.

Here's Eric on the Tee Box of a hole with a creek running through it.  Most holes had the meandering creek as a hazard.  I didn't get a photo of our group.  I had the camera, but hated to take the time for a picture.  Now I regret it.  Oh well, next time.

Eric bought me this pretty bouquet last week.  Sunflowers are one of my favorites in the fall.  My dad had planted a whole field of them when I was in high school, they remind me of him!

We had a crazy windy day last week, it doesn't show in this photo, but everything was blowing around.  Not a good day to take a photo of a flower, so I decided to show you a corner of our backyard.  We also played our last co-rec softball game of the season last week.  I'm glad that it's done, time to rest, not be as busy and all that...except that Volleyball has started so we're still busy.  But it's fun.

On Friday I took photos at the Varsity game.  It's challenging in the dark under the lights.  The team is really good, they are 5-0 with only 3 regular games left.  Billy plays on the point after special team and a little bit at tight end when they've gotten a good lead.  The score that night was 63 - 20, so he was in a lot for point after attempts!

He's been doing the punting and kicking for JV for the last few weeks.  Either that or he's just waving to say "Hi Mom".  No, he's kicking....and playing tight end.

Here's one of his punts.  I was afraid that the hike was going to go over his head.  It's lucky that he's tall!

After the football game we hopped in the van with Billy, one of his team mates and their hiking buddy to drive north of Duluth so they could meet up with their back packing class.  The rest of the class had taken two school buses there early that morning, but we offered to drive the boys up so they could play football.  It was a pretty 3.5 hour drive.  We picked up my mom on the way so she could enjoy the sights too.  The sunset on Lake Superior was pretty nice!

We drove back to my mom's house that evening.  Sunday morning was church followed by a visit from my niece and her husband....who brought sweet little Avery with them.  She's only 1 1/2, but has a lot of personality and independence! I was glad that I had my camera along.

I stopped at a local lake for a quick picture on my way to volleyball on Monday.  Isn't it peaceful?

It was 82 degrees yesterday, my friend Jen and I spent the afternoon golfing.  The trees are beautiful, the weather spectacular, and golfing was fun.  I stopped at a little shop and took a picture of this decorative grass.  So pretty in the sunlight.

It was another warm day today, record breaking.  It was warmer here in Minnesota than it was in Houston.  We'll take it!  All these warm days are making Molly tired.  Me too.  I think it's about time for a nap.

I hope that the days are sunny and warm, the trees are turning, the flowers still blooming and that your teams are all winning in your neck of the woods.  Thanks for stopping by.

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