Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Last 19 Days

   This post is pretty much just the last 19 days in pictures.  Things have been a little busy this fall.  October 6th there was a varsity football game against Minnetonka.  It wasn't one of my evenings as a volunteer for taking pictures on the field, so this one was after the game from the stands.  There are a lot of boys playing football!

   I've been on the field taking pictures at all of the Junior Varsity games.  This is October 7th against Minnetonka, at Minnetonka.  It's been all kinds of fun taking the pictures, except for the editing and posting them part...that's mostly time consuming...but the rest has been fun!  Billy is # 89.

     October 8th brought the last weekend of fall baseball, a single elimination tournament.  They won their first game, and got to go home after the second game.  This is Billy on 3rd base, waiting to see if he needed to tag up before he scored.  He did.  We had quite a string of beautiful, 80 degree fall days.  Unheard of in Minnesota.  But we enjoyed them while we could!

   Brian had come home via the train from college on October 7th, he stayed until the 9th when Eric and I drove him the 2.5 hours back to school.  The full moon was reflecting off of Lake Pepin, I talked them into stopping long enough to take a picture.  I do have photos of Brian from the weekend, he and Billy spent a lot of time trying to fix the Playstation.  Those photos are for another day.

    The warm days and non-freezing nights have kept my cosmos blooming late into the season.  I keep taking pictures of them when I can't think of anything else.  I keep thinking that this will be my last chance before they freeze, and they still haven't!

   These flowers are from a bouquet in my dining room.  I can never remember their name, but their blossoms stay nice for a long, long time.

   The warm fall days have also meant weeks and weeks without rain...6 weeks actually, until October 12th...there was glorious rain.  Thunder and lightening and rain.  And now it's been fairly dry again.  It sure was nice while it lasted!

    The mums have been sort of pretty this fall, they would look better if I had watered them a little more often!

    I couldn't go too long without a picture of Molly.  This was on one of those slow work days when I couldn't help but walk by and wake up the cat...and then took her picture.  She wasn't amused.

   Billy had a fun football game on October 15th.  The JV team played Edina.  Early in the game the quarterback came out throwing...to Billy!  83 yards for a touchdown.  The pass was about 25 yards, and the rest was Billy running as fast as his long legs could take him into the end zone.  First touchdown since the 5th grade, and that one was called back for a penalty.  His smile after the game says it all.

     We took a quick trip to the farm that Sunday.  This is Breezy standing on a hill checking me out.  It was another warm day.  I love the colors in this shot!

A cosmos in my garden.  Again.

     Mums on my kitchen table on October 18th.  My dad would have been 80 years old on that day.  It's been over 3 years since he passed away...and I still miss him...but feel his presence in all that we do.

   On Wednesday the 19th the Varsity had their last regular season game...the two undefeated teams in the conference went head to head.  Our team lost 0-9.  A few bad calls and 3 lousy field goals did the boys in.  But playoffs start for them on Saturday...go Eagles.  Of course one of my volunteer days to take pictures for the varsity happened to be for the biggest game of the season so far...and it was at the opponents school...with an expected crowd of 10,000 fans.  I decided to rent a better lens for the day, it was a good decision.  It was almost for nothing though when the gate keeper gave me all kinds of trouble about getting onto the field.  I'll just say he was enjoying his feeling of power.  I was relieved when his superior came to my rescue.  This is our top running back taking the hand off.  It was a tough loss.

    The JV team didn't do much better the next morning.  A 0-7 loss.  And now JV is done for the season.  It's a little sad that they are done playing, but having a lighter schedule around here will be nice!

And with that I'll end with more flowers.  Cosmos.

   A not very scary scare crow by my front door.

 Cosmos again, with matching mums in the background.

     And a crazy Gerbera Daisy that is thinking this fall weather has been just fine...until later this week when the weather changes.

Thanks for stopping by while I caught up with my daily photos.  There is a roast in my crock pot making the house smell wonderful, I wish I could share that with you too!  Until next time.

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