Saturday, August 20, 2011

Growing Things

This will be a flowery post. Not flowery with words, mostly just with flowers. I love taking pictures of flowers.

I should develop a love of weeding flower gardens. It hasn't happened yet. There's something about maintenance that I have trouble with.

New projects no problem. Maintaining completed projects...not so much. Why is that? Next subject.

One of our friends grows pumpkins. Really big pumpkins. This one was around 750 pounds when I took this picture last week. I think they estimated that they grow 20 pounds or so every day when the conditions are it's probably 850 pounds now. Crazy. They have two big pumpkins in their patch. Giant vines....even the leaves are enormous. They've won big pumpkin contests with them....maybe this one will be a winner too.

Summer feels like it's winding down. Billy is having two or three football practices a day. The full moon came up big and orange like a pumpkin....

...the sun is setting earlier....

....the petunias are getting straggly....

....and we took our boy Brian to college last week. Sniff. Freshman orientation week. Moving into the dorm, meeting the room mates, figuring the ins and outs of the school and the town, adjusting to campus food, signing up for clubs....all that fun college living stuff. I'm grateful for texting and phone calls home.

Brian was worried about Penny missing him...and she does. She's been carrying her stuffed animal around with her where ever she goes. It's pretty cute. She'll be a happy dog when he comes home for Labor Day weekend. So will I. :-)

The cosmos are blooming like it's fall. The pink hints of flowers in the background of this picture are mums. You know that summer is fading when the mums start blooming.

Eric and I took advantage of a nice evening last night and went golfing. It looked like it might rain but it held off. We were paired up with a couple that we didn't know...Brian and Penny. I told Brian that his name would be easy to remember since we had a son named Brian.

I wanted to say that Penny's name would be easy to remember too....but I stopped myself from telling her that she shared a name with our dog. Woof. Crazy.

Have a happy Saturday.

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