Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Butterflies, Flowers and My Boy

Molly, in the open window, dreaming of birds and butterflies and other things to chase. Careful Molly, it's a jungle out there!
The butterflies have been busy this summer. I don't think I've ever seen so many. They flit, they flutter, they glide from flower to flower. Butterflies and flowers, they go together so prettily.
We went to the farm this weekend. There were some chores to be done. There were some flowers to be admired. A purple bell flower by the rusty fence after the rain.
There are a lot of butterflies at the farm too. Butterflies on cone flowers at my house, butterflies on thistles at the farm. So pretty.
The cosmos are blooming here right now. They dance in the breeze. Sturdy and delicate all rolled into one. One of my favorite flowers.
My boy, Brian. Playing guitar. Getting ready to head off to college. We work for 18 years to prepare them, to help them be ready to spread their wings. And he is ready.
I just wish that I was a little bit ready to let him go. I think I'll go water the flowers and think about that later. I hope your day is full of flowers, butterflies and handsome boys. Thanks for stopping by.

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