Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a Cold January!

It's been cold around here so far this month.  Cold November, warm December, cold January...we seem to have a regular weather pattern happening!  I'll take a warm February, and a vacation in March!  

I haven't wanted to venture outside to take pictures very often this month, this one was taken from the kitchen window.  The squirrel's fluffy tail seems to serve a nice purpose in keeping them warm.  And besides, if they had skinny tails they would look a lot like rats!

Billy spent his last week of winter break hanging around home thinking of things to do.  He decided to make some chocolate roses for his girlfriend.  Thanks to google, they turned out pretty good!  He put them on top of frosted cupcakes when all was said and done.  Funny what they'll do for a girl!

We went and watched my great niece play hockey last weekend.  Or is is grand niece?  My niece's daughter, how's that.  They are pretty cute playing hockey at that age!  They sure bounce up faster from falling than I would!

Sunday was a lazy day of watching football.  Billy went back to college, Brian was spending the day with friends, Eric was getting ready for a business trip...and I was lazy.  So lazy that I didn't even attempt to take a picture until well after dark.  It was a good test of the higher ISO settings on my camera.  Shot out of the dining room window...not too grainy at 3200 ISO.

A cold Monday, catching up on a few things.  It seemed like a good day to take a picture of my arrangement that is on my front step.  Mostly because I was out of other ideas.  I'm in need of inspiration, or at least warm weather.

The good news is that things are supposed to warm up by the weekend.  Maybe getting outside will help me out of my photo slump.  It can't hurt!  Thanks for stopping by!

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