Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Summer is Near

We are getting hints that summer is on its way.  A look at the calendar says that it really should be here by now, but it's coming, so I can't complain!  There have been some new birds at the feeder, they must be passing through.  I'm not sure what this little cutie pie is.  I need to dig out the bird book and look it up!

The leaves are starting to bud and open up on the trees.  I can't wait until this crab apple tree starts to beautiful!

Eric and I caught a sunset over a pond in Eden Prairie this week, it was so pretty.  So many clouds and jet trails going every which way.  And it was nice enough to be out without a coat!  Bonus.

I stopped by the same pond the next day and snapped a couple of pictures of some geese.  I bet they are happy that they can swim now instead of stand around on the frozen pond!

There have been a few morning doves around the yard for the last week or so.  They like to perch on top of our 3 season porch.  They make the coolest sounds.

Unusual birds, pretty skies, open water, buds on the trees....summer is coming I just know it!  Thanks for stopping by!

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