Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer is Here!

   We had a cold and wet spring, but all of a sudden, summer is here!  Lots of daily photos to catch up with today, so not much talk.  The photos start on May 8th.  Still very cold and wet.  There were a few green buds on our maple tree in the front yard.

My tulips were slowly emerging.

The hepaticas in my mom's woods were slow in coming, but sure were beautiful this year.  They don't last very long, but are one of my favorite flowers when they're here!

Czar summer coat came in, but the leaves hadn't started budding at the farm yet. This was May 11th. The horses had to bear a few cold days and nights this spring.  But after our long hard winter it probably didn't seem so bad in comparison.

The crab apple tree in our front yard finally started to bud.

You could almost see them grow from day to day.

There is a wimpy little azalea plant in our front yard, it's kind of tucked away and hidden from the road and doesn't do too much, but it's always one of the first things to bloom.

The tulips at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum are beautiful again this year, in spite of the long winter!  The man in the background told me that he is the one that designs the garden each year.  It was really interesting to talk with him.

The crab apple tree is getting closer to blooming!

Another trip to the farm.  Hello handsome!  I love when they come running to see me.  Even if it is just because they want a treat.

The woods was filled with Spring Beauties again this year.  So many flowers that it looked like a carpet of snow!

The crab apple tree was in full bloom when we got back from the farm.  This was taken on May 19th, my late grandma's birthday.

One of my few tulips.  I planted pink ones a few years ago.  This is what came up this year.  Looks yellow to me!

And the crab apple tree is already fading.  Still beautiful though!

Another trip out to the Arboretum.  Such a pretty day to visit.

I was able to plant all of my planters, window boxes and flower pots before we left for Memorial weekend.  Trying some trailing Verbena in the window boxes this year. I love the color!

The trillium were beautiful at the farm and the cabin this weekend.  Spring is waning and summer is here.

Little Henry was at the little cabin with his family.  He was loving the tire swing!

I finally had time for a horseback ride this weekend.  A shaky start to the riding season, but hopefully with a little work we'll get there.  Then the rain came.  Here's my pretty boy after one of the rain storms.  He's too smart some days.

And last but not least, one of my planters on my front step.  It's a Tuesday that feels like Monday because of the holiday...

....but it finally feels like summer, and that's all that really matters to me!  Thanks for stopping by.

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