Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dog Days of Summer!

It has been hot, hot, hot in Minnesota!  Hot and humid for the last week with no end in sight.  Well, no predicted end anyway!  We got Billy off to college, he's all moved in and we don't hear much from him.  I think that's a good thing.

The trip to school is just over 3 hours.  He wanted to get there before his room mate so he could get his stuff put away before his room mate (Tyler) arrived with all of his things!  He and Tyler knew each other from High School, and have been good friends for a while, so it should all work out well for them. 

My comments obviously have nothing to do with my photos, but if you've read my blog before you probably expect that!  Flowers, horses, flowers, bird, flower and then Billy and Eric at ISU.  There...we're caught up, back to the college stuff!

The move in was very smooth.  There were a lot of volunteers to haul things up to the room.  I took one trip with stuff mostly to see where the room was...and then one final trip with Eric carrying the rug.  I think Billy only took one trip as well...then he needed to go and check in and get his key.  His room has air conditioning...which didn't seem necessary when they signed up...but boy is it nice that they have it now!  And the room seemed bigger than I thought it would!

We got him unpacked, we walked around a bit and went to lunch together.  Then it was off to a very crowded Target to find a few last minute things.  I think that reality was sinking in for him...he kept getting more and more quiet, almost crabby.  He was worried that he'd come back to the dorm to find that everything had been moved around.  (It wasn't)  He was worried that his cupcakes would bet eaten. (they weren't)  I think that he was really just worried about the huge leap he was making from life at home to life in a dorm.

I was worried too.  But once he was back in the room and chatting with Tyler he seemed to relax...a lot.  There was a lot of excited chatter.  Then we headed out to look at the campus a bit.  Another freshman was standing by his door in the dorm.  Billy started a conversation with him, reached out his hand and introduced himself.  And all of a sudden I just plain knew that he would be fine.  And then it was time for us to go.  So he could get his new life started.

So we could figure out what our new life will bring.  I surprisingly didn't cry that day.  But I'll admit, I've had a knot in my stomach since.  A long time ago I read a quote that said: "Changes are hard, you fight to hang on, you fight to let go."  I don't know who said it, but I'm thinking it must have been the mom of a college freshman.

Billy was worried that we wouldn't have anything to do now that he's gone, now that we don't have games to go and watch.  I think that we've been doing just fine with keeping busy.  He left on a Wednesday...Thursday we went to a Saints game.  Friday we played in a golf tournament.

Saturday we caught up on some of the house work that has been piling up while we were busy going to baseball games.

Sunday we went to visit our folks and to check on my horses....we sadly were also there when my brothers beloved dog Rusty passed away.  He was a big red lab with an even bigger personality.  It might have been the heat, it might have been the tumors he'd been battling, it might have simply been his time at 13 years old.  We'll never know for sure, we just know that it's hard to lose a faithful friend.  I was glad that we could be there for my brother...even though there wasn't much we could do.

On a lighter note, on Monday, after working in the morning, I took the bus over to the Minnesota State Fair.  One of my friends was in the horse show there...this isn't her!...and I wanted to get a few pictures for her to remember it by.  I didn't talk to her about being on my blog, so instead I am showing a picture of a pretty horse and some random guy.  Maybe that isn't better, I don't know.  Anyway, it was a hot day for the fair!  Two really good things happened because of that...the crowds were much, much smaller than normal, and because of the heat I wasn't very hungry!  One pronto pup, one twisted tater thing, a cone and some cookies to take home for Eric and Brian.  Not too bad for over 8 hours there!

To complete the first week of Billy being gone Eric and I both golfed in our respective golf leagues.  Very few people were on the course where I golfed.  One of our partners decided it was too hot and humid...but my friend Kay and I toughed it out!  The heat index was over 101 degrees...but it wasn't so bad.  We rented a cart, we both scored well, and the beer we celebrated with afterwards was one of the coldest and best beers ever!  Not too many weeks where our summer favorite beer "Summer Shandy" will be available.  It was a little discouraging on my way home to see that the thermometer in the car read 87 degrees at 9:00 p.m.  Air conditioning never felt so good!

This cute little tree frog found a cool spot in my hanging flower pot.  It's cool and moist, and close to the bug attracting front light.  Stay cool little froggy, fall will be here before we're ready!  Thanks for stopping by!

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