Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Sunshine

Maybe my title should be March and April sunshine....since I haven't posted since last month.  I need an assistant.  Or some organization.  Or something.  But I do have my photos from the last couple of weeks...so here ya go.
Delphiniums in my front yard.  With the warm March everything is about a month early.  Unfortunately April has brought us more normal temperatures.  It froze last night.  I'm happy that my delphiniums survived.

 Eric got a new grill.  When you've been married a long time like we have, things need to be replaced...like the grill.  He got it assembled with no extra parts.  That's a good thing!  So far we've had chicken, steak and chicken kabobs, and rib eyes.  I'm liking the grill!

The squirrels around here eat well too.  Look at this cheeky little bugger giving me the stink eye.  That's usually when I let the dog out and they both get a little exercise.

Molly likes to spend time outside looking for varmints.  Squirrels are a little bigger than her normal prey.

I bought myself some orange tulips last week...they were so beautiful!  And they lasted for a long time.  I love tulips, especially in the spring.

 Such a yummy color.

With the weather cooling off, I was happy to have something so vibrant inside.

I'm happiest when I have tulips on my kitchen table.

The little azalea bush in the front yard has been blooming.  Hopefully they won't freeze tonight.

Eric and I spent an evening at my mom's.  This is one of the paintings that she has in her hallway, a copy of a Renoir....so pretty.

From my mom's we headed out for a mini spring break vacation.  We made the reservations in Wisconsin Dells when the weather was in the 70's, thinking it would stay warm and be a nice time to get in a few rounds of golf.  Our first day the temps got almost to 50 degrees...with a windchill of 45.  Ugh.  We golfed in Bloomer Wisconsin. The sun was out though, that helped.

The next day was a little warmer, getting up to almost 60 degrees.  We golfed at the Christmas Mountain Village in Wisconsin Dells.  The course was in nice shape, especially considering how early in the year it is.

Our last day there was colder yet, 36 degrees when we teed off.  We golfed at the Wild Rock Golf course.  Fancy, expensive course but we got an off-season rate so it wasn't too bad.  My biggest complaint about the course was that there were no bathrooms from after the 4th hole until about the 15th.  Not good for a coffee drinker.  We did see a pair of Sand hill cranes though, that was fun!

We came home to find our crab apple tree in full bloom.  So pretty.  It survived the freezing temps last night too.

Then it was a trip to the farm for Easter.  We watched the big orange moon come up on Saturday night.

Easter was a full day with breakfast at Eric's parents house, then church, then a feast at my mom's.  I took a little walk in the woods after we ate to find the hepaticas in bloom.  One of my favorite wildflowers.  How does something so delicate survive the winter and bloom every spring.  One of many miracles to ponder this time of year.

I hope that your Easter was full of family and friends and the promise that the day brings.  Thanks for stopping by.

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