Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Time

Warm days, busy evenings, storms moving through, green grass, flowers blooming, mosquitoes really is summer time.

Sunset at the baseball game. This was really the first night that the mosquitoes were fierce. Swat, ouch,'s just a part of living in Minnesota.

There was the possibility of storms predicted for Friday night. It was a hot and humid 96 degrees. The baseball game started at 6:30 the pitcher was nearly blown off the mound with the strong winds that passed through. The pressure dropped so fast that Billy got a nose bleed. After the initial winds things calmed down and they continued the game. At about 7:30 the wall of clouds was looming. Thunder, lightening, and a 25 degree temperature over after 5 innings and a 3 to 3 tie.

We made it home safe and sound, packed our bags and headed up North for the weekend after the storm had passed. We arrived at the cabin at about midnight to find that the power was out. 4 little candle was dark....but the cooler air made it pretty nice for sleeping. Ahhh...long weekend ahead.

Saturday, still no power. The best plan seemed to be to go out for brunch, so we did. Nothing like a breakfast buffet to fill you over eat...let the weekend begin.

The power was on when we returned, hurray for running water, a shower and most of all brushed teeth! Eric and I had brought our golf clubs, so we went golfing with Eric's dad on Saturday afternoon. It was a good day.

Wild daisies at my mom's house.

Sunday was started by going to the little white church on the hill, followed by the Pizzaria...traditions that we all enjoy. We mowed my mom's yard for most of the afternoon, leaving the wild daisies to bloom. Then a trip to the farm to talk with my brother and enjoy the view...which included this eagle. Everyone should have a back yard that is big enough for eagles to live don't you think?

We ended the day with fireworks in the field at the cabin. KaBoom! Some of them were pretty amazing. We just had fire crackers when I was a kid!

July 4th, Independence Day but also my Grandma's birthday. She was born in 1908. It's hard to envision all of the changes that she had seen in her life time. Amazing. Growing up we always had a picnic on the 4th of July for grandma's birthday. Nice memories.

I took this picture with my cell phone. I spent a little bit of time at the farm raking hay for my brother. I missed a lot of the corners, so I don't know how much I helped, but it was so nice just to hang out there with him. And to top it off, it was a beautiful sunny day.

I took this picture when we got back home. I liked how the flowers were red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

A quick snap shot of a daisy and red yarrow on my way out the door to golf.

It had been another warm day, getting steamier as the day went on. I didn't realize that storms were predicted before I left for golf. It was looking a little dark when I got to the golf course. My golfing partners decided that driving carts would be a good idea...and they sure were. On our 2nd hole the thunder started to rumble, the lightening looked close, the rain was coming down, and then the siren went off at the clubhouse. We were pretty far from the clubhouse, but having a covered cart made the trip to safety pretty quick. 20 minutes later the storm had passed.

The sun came out and brought a rainbow with it. It was double for a while, faintly triple at one point. And with the sun and rain came the was a sticky one. And not a very good round for me. But sometimes you just have to think about being with friends and being outside and the whole golf thing just doesn't matter. I will say that golf is a lot more fun when you're playing better.

Long weekend, summer days, working from home, it all makes me forget what day it is most of the time. There is a lot going on here. Billy had a game last night and it sure felt nice to get out of the house. Only two more games and maybe a tournament...and then summer baseball is done. It feels like we just got started.

I talked with a dear friend yesterday, she's going through a tough time right now. I was so glad that she called, so glad that we could talk and even laugh in spite of the situation that she is in. Life can sure toss you some curve balls now and again.

But having a good friend, and being a good friend, can go a long, long way to help you through the tough times with a smile. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Summer.

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